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Apr 27

“Think rich. Riches begin with a state of mind with definitions of purpose, with little or no hard work” ~ Napoleon Hill Money is powerfully linked with our minds, and have the power to influence our emotions. Many of us handle money mindlessly, and before we know it, we are asking, “damn, where did my money go?!!” The sad part is, this is a recurrent event in many of our lives, but we continue to do what we have always done, and end up broke two days after payday.  Let me draw on some examples of what I mean: Have you ever caught yourself picking up the tab for dinner with friends on payday, or paying for a round of drinks with the guys knowing full well you will have to slap the bill on a near maxed out credit card? Find yourself breathing deeply in… [Read more]

May 27

If you want to get better with your financial situation it is futile to ask a peer for advice if you aren’t prepared to break your history of bad learning and bad habits. Many times my high consumption friends will ask my advice on monetary things and I hesitate to help due to the fact that I know they aren’t prepared to accept what I tell them. It’s very simple really, but it requires the one thing that people of my generation hate doing – reading and paying attention. The secret to financial freedom lies within many a book but it stays elusive due to the fact that people would rather watch something versus reading it. Here’s the thing about watching – the same authors who offer invaluable advice for little to nothing in their books are going to gouge you for being lazy. What… [Read more]