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Jul 02

The orgasm… a woman’s joy and a man’s seal of approval. Isn’t it funny how we men make the orgasm more about us than it is about her? Keep it on the low though… she still thinks you care. But i’m just a writer with an opinion, we should probably hear what an expert has to say about it. Lets’ see what Dr. Lehmiller of Sex and Psychology has to say about why the female orgasm exists: Women have the potential to become pregnant whether or not they reach orgasm during vaginal intercourse. This observation has generated a long-standing scientific debate about why women have orgasms in the first place. If the female orgasm is not essential for reproduction, then what purpose does it serve? Although scientists do not yet agree on the answer, a number of interesting theories have been offered. Some have argued… [Read more]

Oct 04

We’re not only writers; we’re readers and below are some of the highlights of the past few weeks that we wish to share: Am I a feminist – or a sexist? Whether you identify yourself as a feminist or not, a man’s language is always open to attack. It’s not about your intent, it’s about wheedling out your latent misogyny and there are crack squads of radical vigilantes ready to remind you of it. It’s a pity we wasted “unkindness” as the collective noun for ravens. It was begging to be applied to internet commenters. Online, it can feel like you need one PhD in Woman’s Studies, another in semiotics and a barge pole if you want to say practically anything.  (TELEGRAPH) On Behalf Of True Christians: We’re Not Here To Judge, And Trust – We Don’t Want To Anyone can throw out a scripture… [Read more]

Aug 26

Penis size seems to be one of the many confidence inhibitors for young men – we have written about the reasons many times here. I say “young” men because I’ve noticed that as I get older, I notice less men discussing this issue, and more men being comfortable with themselves to let it all hang out no matter who is looking on. Hell, I know guys who would happily stand back 10 feet from the urinal just to see the urine arc if the rest of us weren’t ready to kill them if they ever tried it. Most men don’t care about another man’s “junk” unless that man is lacking confidence and curious to see if you’re bigger than them. Sigh. How much impact does size have on a woman? Recently I overheard these teenagers talking about sex education in school and how their teacher… [Read more]

May 21

As we become more vocal about our needs, wants, and humanity, a lot of things that have been stereotyped as the norm for us have been proven otherwise and it is blowing women’s minds. One of these “things” happens to be the stereotype that all men are sex-craved animals. Some women get into marriages assuming that they can use their Mountain of Venus as a bargaining chip, a reward for hubby washing the car, mowing the lawn, or any number of other chores; but chances are nowadays that hubby ends up barely being in the mood to begin with. What comes of this is a woman desperately seeking answers to the lack of sex-drive that her man seems to have and then the accusations begin to fly… Does he have another woman, is he obsessed with porn (you gotta love this one), is he drinking… [Read more]

May 28
beautiful woman in bed

When it comes to infatuation we men can be really stupid, hell it pretty much borders on insanity when you get a horny guy and a woman of his type butt naked in the same vicinity. I see it at strip clubs, I hear about it from the horse’s mouth, I’ve personally been there… it’s a fact we don’t like to admit. In the past I did an article called So Beautiful That You Want To Skip The Condom and used an example of a man attending a party and being invited into a bathroom with a beautiful woman for sex. I asserted that 9 times out of 10 if there was no condom and the woman looked like Meagan Good, the man would do it anyway. I know that a lot of men said otherwise but are we being honest with ourselves about this?… [Read more]

May 01
Woman faking an orgasm

“Dear Dragon.. I am a woman who is very much in love with my boyfriend and we have been together for several years. I made the mistake faking my orgasms and I want to tell him so we can start our sex life over, but I don’t know how to do that without him hating me. I really love the person he is and I know he is “the one” which is why I want to come clean. How do you tell a man that you’ve been faking it without it sounding like he sucks in the bedroom?” – Signed, Tough Love Hey Tough Love, there’s a reason why men care about a woman’s orgasms and it isn’t very complicated. We men want to know that we are doing a good job so that there is no question as to whether we will get more job… [Read more]

Dec 19

It’s amazing how we men are known for our egos but when I hear the way a woman talk about sex you would think that the game was flipped and we (men) were truly the ones who play shy and innocent about our sexual inhibitions. Recently I was listening to an excellent podcast by Hall denizen Up4Dsn (Up 4 Discussion) and his partner (Goddess Intellect I think…) was saying how hard she would go at fixing the issue if she found out that she couldn’t make her man orgasm. This gave me pause as I remembered the many discussions I have had with women about the very same subject and felt I needed to respond. Women stop assuming, it’s always about you! There are many reasons for a guy to freeze up on orgasm, very rarely does it have to do with you being horrible… [Read more]

May 03

Look you can collect my Player’s Club Card, call me out, whatever but I have faked it many times in the past. Not all guys are Jason Biggs on American Pie busting in our pants at the thought of some “strange”. Some of us are very controlled in that department and others are even the opposite – some guys have a hard time finishing. It’s amazing how little we all know about the opposite sex (men and women) yet we have been together since time immortal. What’s up with that? There are no shortage of articles throwing the “I faked it on your weak sex game” blast in the faces of men everywhere, but I wonder if these writers bragging about this realize that the game works both ways. Look unless we are practicing unprotected sex combined with coitus interruptus (pull out and ejaculate method),… [Read more]