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Feb 10

There’s a lot to be said about hustling. You will find that a lot of “hustlers” brag on their ability to take a beating and “do what it takes,” but is that something to brag about? Their life is not really enviable, is it? It’s not enough to hustle, just like it’s not enough to be self-employed. – which people brag about quite a bit. Speaking from experience, a good number of people who brag about having their own thing are not doing as well as they would have you believe. Remember, entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. After several years of writing my own checks and grinding out 12 hour workdays, the idea of “being my own boss,” paled in comparison to the idea of “getting out.” I never bragged about my hustling but I know that a lot of people envied me for “setting my own… [Read more]

May 23
annoying dame dash

“You been hustlin a long time and you aint got nothin” – 50 Cent (Wankster) Quite often you hear people brag about having multiple jobs, side hustles, and other forms of income, but how many of them are doing better than you and your one job? We all know broke hustlers, hell hustling is normally what comes as a result of being broke; so what’s the point of bragging about hustling if there is no success behind it? See it’s one thing to have made money hustling and brag about the journey but it comes off as pathetic when the hustle is all you have to account for. See successful businessmen do it all the time, they talk about living out of their cars, having doors slammed in their faces, and worse. Street hustlers who make it become legendary and their tales are almost as… [Read more]

Nov 03

I was elated, it really wasn’t scary, I felt empowered, free, a man going places. It was the ultimate natural high waking up the next day prepped to grind my ass off to make sure that I kept afloat. This feeling cannot be replicated, I had it only once before and that was after a racist boss of mine set me up and strategically fired me from a position to slide his friend in. It was guys like him that made it feel good, the assholes who cut my check, the trust-fund babies who ran daddy’s company and hired guys like me to spin the gears. It was the average Joes who looked at me like a colossus for daring to go it alone. Long story short, it isn’t as scary as it seems my dear readers. Preparing to get out – when did I… [Read more]