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Oct 08

Is your penis size an issue? Do you desire an epic trunk that swings ever so low from betwixt your legs? Well, don’t believe the hype men, the majority of us aren’t self-conscious, porn-star envious, losers that are desperately seeking the elixir to penis enlargement. Turns out that over half of the men out there are good with what their maker made them… this of course makes me happy to hear. The following Infographic was done by Justin J. Lehmiller of The Psychology of Human Sexuality (originally shared here) and shows that men tend to be more satisfied than dissatisfied with their penis. Most articles would have you thinking that most men are limping around feeling inadequate right? Good thing for us that the truth always comes in at one time or the other, and as you can see, it isn’t as daunting as it has been sold.

Sep 20

We’re not only writers; we’re readers and below are some of the highlights of the past few weeks that we wish to share: Pimps Up – It took me less than three days to finish this fascinating true story of the former pimp, Robert Beck. His way of story telling captured me and made my fascination that much more intense. (I don’t plan on becoming a pimp) This was the first book of many written by Iceberg Slim, of which according to the original publishing house have sold millions upon millions of copies in over eight different languages.  (BRENMARIE) Eagle point of view – Ever wondered how it feels to fly on the back of an eagle the way that Gandalf, Aragorn and Frodo Baggins did? Well check this out: How Many Women Are Going Bare “Down There?” – A recent online survey of 2,451 women revealed… [Read more]

Aug 26

Penis size seems to be one of the many confidence inhibitors for young men – we have written about the reasons many times here. I say “young” men because I’ve noticed that as I get older, I notice less men discussing this issue, and more men being comfortable with themselves to let it all hang out no matter who is looking on. Hell, I know guys who would happily stand back 10 feet from the urinal just to see the urine arc if the rest of us weren’t ready to kill them if they ever tried it. Most men don’t care about another man’s “junk” unless that man is lacking confidence and curious to see if you’re bigger than them. Sigh. How much impact does size have on a woman? Recently I overheard these teenagers talking about sex education in school and how their teacher… [Read more]

Sep 06
woman bites salami

Part Two: The Art of Female Manipulation Women in general like big penises; let us get this out of the way before we go further into breaking down the power of penis size and the reason why so many men are getting enhanced surgically. In my short life I’ve only seen really vile women come out strongly about the size of their man’s package. Women know how much importance men place on their penis size so they either keep the opinion to themselves or use it to manipulate men in different ways. Consider the following: First time having sex – a girl will compliment your size the day after (in a very cute and coy way) not only to let you know that she is down to do it again but also to keep you around because she legitimately likes you. Break up with a woman in… [Read more]

Dec 22

Guys lets be real here, many of you don’t like condoms and will do whatever tricks, manipulation or gimmicks to get out of wearing one. While this is stupid to the highest degree of where stupid goes, it still doesn’t stop you and if you have something itching it still isn’t enough of a deterrent to start now is it? So with that being said, if there was to be a version of the birth control pill given out for free to males that wanted it, would you be responsible enough to pop it before the deed? Would women trust their men to keep a schedule and take the pills daily like men trust women to do now? I highly doubt it… we’re just to forgetful. The other thing about a birth control pill for men is the strong chance that it would give the… [Read more]

Aug 17

Editor’s Note: I am always looking for awesome writers to make me laugh out loud or nod in agreement throughout their blogs. I tend to run into a lot of garbage in my trolling of the web but once in awhile I stumble upon gold. is a blog about Lust, Love and Life, the big three. The posts are candid, funny and very realistic in terms of The Undresser and his quest for strange in the city of Michigan. One particular post that really stuck out to me was on women and their immature Cell Phone habits: I don’t call men, so I don’t care about what they do on their phones. This is strictly to the ladies, about the ladies, and for the ladies. Preferably those 21 and up; heck, let’s say 25 and up. There are some things that adult women do… [Read more]