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Jun 22
man complaining to his wife

Do not bring me a complaint without having a solution to go along with it. Do NOT bring me a complaint without having a solution to go along with it. Repeat this to yourself, your staff, and the people in your life that have shown signs of that disease called woebeme. Stop whining, stop whinging, be solution-oriented, nobody cares. Harsh? Of course it is. Necessary? Yeah, if you want to be a successful person. The spirit of innovation starts with finding solutions for complex problems. It’s from that essence that entrepreneurship is born. It glows bright, energizes you, and even if you’re on the chain gang of a Corporate company, others will see it. You become an answer-man, as opposed to a complainer. Nobody likes a complainer Is it me, or does it seem like our sex comes into play with the way we view… [Read more]

Apr 27

“Think rich. Riches begin with a state of mind with definitions of purpose, with little or no hard work” ~ Napoleon Hill Money is powerfully linked with our minds, and have the power to influence our emotions. Many of us handle money mindlessly, and before we know it, we are asking, “damn, where did my money go?!!” The sad part is, this is a recurrent event in many of our lives, but we continue to do what we have always done, and end up broke two days after payday.  Let me draw on some examples of what I mean: Have you ever caught yourself picking up the tab for dinner with friends on payday, or paying for a round of drinks with the guys knowing full well you will have to slap the bill on a near maxed out credit card? Find yourself breathing deeply in… [Read more]

Jul 20
man and woman with money

Mind Your Business And Tell Nobody! Seriously I know that most people have the urge to tell the world of their new found wealth because of the power and prestige they think will come with it but this is the worst thing that you can do. Imagine what would happen if you were in a world void of water and your family found a tiny oasis only capable of keeping you alive. What do you think would happen if you announced to everyone that you have it? Not only would every person that barely knows you show up to beg for water but they will never believe you once you tell them that you ran out. Eventually after everyone is aware you have it you will be robbed. People are stupid when it comes to money, absolutely stupid. They will never understand why you won’t pick… [Read more]

Nov 15

Editor’s Note: This is the first article in an ongoing series I will be doing called – Music and Life (M&L) which is based on lyrics in songs that have influenced my thinking or reinforce a philosophy that I live by. Many of us live our lives through song without realizing it and I hope to enlighten you on some of the best lyrics from various genres that have helped me in one way or another. It’s philosophy but it’s fun philosophy that sounds oh so good. This was my redemption song, it was a song that made me go “you know X is right, if you’re holding me back for too long I have every right to lash out and do something about it”. Granted the lyrics in their literal sense is about robbing to eat (slang for make money). “Y’all been eating long… [Read more]

Aug 22

If you put a time restriction on your body, let it be a personal choice and not some magical number invented by a “Guru”. The men that you want (I didn’t say all men, or most men) won’t wait and you can throw as many names at us for this, but the fact is that you are getting false information and it may be detrimental to your dating life. Lets cut through the bull, the philosophy, the feel-good articles and the liars who write them. Women we want to sleep with you, and we want to sleep with you right now. If you turn out to be a cool, down ass chick on the way to the bedroom then we may or may not figure out that we actually love you and want to devote ourselves to you on a full time basis. In this… [Read more]

Aug 19

Editor’s Note: One of my favorite blogs posted an article recently involving a rather taboo topic that most prudes will shy away from. NWSO talked to 15 men and got their feedback on that ol’ porno standard of ass sex and you will be quite surprised by what they had to say… I can understand this philosophy of saving something “special” for your husband but if I can be so frank that’s a pretty sh*tty gift (pun intended). More specifically, who’s to say that your future husband even wants to ride the Hershey Highway? I mean, are so many women saving anal for their husband as some sort of “special” fantasy gift that he may not even want to accept? Or do women just think all men want to do it in the butt and are willing to concede to it for the spouse? That… [Read more]

Aug 04

We all know there is a plethora of things that women may like about men that they cannot do without. Most of the characteristics on this list are according to their personal likes and dislikes, so it’s hard to come up with a list of general things that women would look for in a man. However, when it comes to things that we do not want in a man, there are certain turn offs that most women count as a “minus” to your total package.  Behold the Top Ten list of women’s turn offs. 1. A Jacked Up Grill There are several men in this world who look much better before they speak. They usually know who they are, too. You know, that man who hardly smiles with his mouth open and when forced into laughter he visibly tries to keep his mouth closed.  He… [Read more]

Dec 31

2010 what a year… can I say good riddance to one of the worst years ever socially? For the Hall 2010 was HUGE and I am appreciative but in life… Let me explain… 2010 Boomer Racists Came Out Of The Closet It isn’t so bad that I turn a year older as it is that I worry that 2011 may be the same thing all over. It seemed that when Barry Obama took office it was akin to an exterminator setting off a bomb and all of the little Baby Boomer era racists started scattering out from their hiding places. I mean it’s been a mess this year and a major hit to the “post-racial” debate circle, seriously I couldn’t even make this up – wanna see for yourself what 2010 wrought, just check the archives of any News Blog. It’s been an ugly year,… [Read more]