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Feb 11

There will always be attraction in an office where men and women work in close vicinity. I would venture to say that when fallout happens at home for an attractive married person, the chance of the person they cheat with being an office-mate is pretty high. Office romances are a byproduct of working closely with someone for a period of time, the freedom of imagination, and that strange magic that makes someone grow more and more attractive to us as we get to know them better. For people who click with an office mate and would like to pursue a romantic relationship, there must be a level of maturity on both sides that is beyond what is expected of a stranger out on the streets. Dating a co-worker puts your job at risk from the outset and you must know the temperament and volatility of… [Read more]

Feb 25

One of the profiles that we respect on The Hall is that of men and women who fought, lived and maintained longevity on their own terms. What I mean by this is that any man who could survive into his late adult life within a society that used laws, government, schools and police to keep him “less than” is already a champion. If you add in the fact that a man like this defiantly and legally married 3 women that were of his oppressors and found a way to beat all challengers into a bloody pulp within the boxing ring then what you have is a certified badass. “for more than thirteen years, Jack Johnson was the most famous and the most notorious African-American on Earth.” – Ken Burns If you were a white man who loved boxing in the early 1900’s you would hate… [Read more]

Nov 12

I follow a lot of blogs, I read them, I reply to them and I use them as inspiration. Some blogs are exceptional and the reason for this is due to exceptional writing, thought-provoking articles (I don’t want to read things I agree with 100% of the time) and professionalism through design. Ahh you see my last point? As with most other designers that have put years into this thing of ours, I can’t help but skip over blogs that look like an internet version of Zion in The Matrix. Blogs where the advertising links ARE the blog and others that have images crushed or stretched unnaturally (come on guys do better). Nothing however will stop me from subscribing to someone’s blog faster than the obligatory “give me some money for writing” post. Fuckouttahere! It’s insulting; you aren’t asking for money to fuel some worthwhile… [Read more]