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Feb 02

Does it seem like you can never catch a break? That every time you take 3 steps forward you wind up being thrown 5 steps back? Well here is a story about winning against all odds. Many of us might have seen the Disney movie “Secretariat” a while ago, and I caught the tail end on TV a few weeks ago. It left me feeling so inspired about what it takes to win.  This is the story of a beautiful 2-year old chestnut horse (lovingly nick-named “Big red” by his groom), who as a 1-to-10 favorite, came from the rear to win two important derbies by two and a half lengths in under 2 minutes. However, his true worth was to be tested in the Belmont Stakes (1973), a 1.5 mile run, which would be longest race of his career. Well it was believed that… [Read more]

Jan 30
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When you have over 1,000,000 articles about various things both popular and “trending” it becomes easy to go down the path of “let’s just write about what all of the other sites are writing about” but isn’t that the problem with most blogs? How many spaces do we need talking about why Beyonce isn’t feminist or why Jay-Z is the sole black member in the devil worshipping Illuminati (or some such nonsense)? Aren’t there topics that demand some attention from writers brave enough to tackle them? Let me think of some… How the church and religious dogma has always held back medical advancements. A man’s take on why beautiful women are ostracized in society (We covered it) Girlfriends and boyfriends that are only dating you in order to piss off mommy and daddy. Why won’t some people and businesses admit that race baiting keeps their… [Read more]

Nov 26

In another one of those “studies that tend to piss women off” it was recently found that the secret to marital bliss—for men—is in having an attractive wife! In a study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 450 newlywed couples were given the lab animal treatment for four years and psychologist Andrea Meltzer along with her team came to the conclusion that a woman’s beauty plays a major role in her husband’s marital satisfaction. On the flip-side a man’s attractiveness served little impact on his wife’s happiness throughout so it will suffice to say that we are as shallow as we are said to be… or worse. No, not really… keep reading. It leads me to think of a scenario where a man is having a hard time connecting with his beautiful wife but every time he wakes up and sees her… [Read more]

Oct 11

YES! Do you find that you like a particular set of men and women for their race before anything else that we would consider important? Think about it, we all have friends or family members that openly admit to only dating (insert race) girls, or (insert race) guys. These beloved members of our fellowship do not see anything wrong with their desire but for anyone hearing them and observing the pattern it is looked upon as a major problem. Members of minority groups who participate in this are given derogatory names, the man or woman that may have dated back to back members of another race are accused for having a “fetish”, wanting to be that other race and a number of other basic accusations. People get defensive, they say in one breath that they are all for “loving who you love” but then say… [Read more]

Jul 16

It’s Time to Change the Conversation It seems like every time I turn on the television, radio, or even open up my home page on the internet, it’s all about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman these days. Even more specifically, I’m finding that a lot of people are taking this tragedy and turning it into a conversation about race relations in America. What would have happened if Trayvon Martin was the one with the gun and Zimmerman was killed while unarmed? Would the verdict have been different? While all of this is great to debate, we keep getting away from the real issue at hand. This case was not about race. This case was about profiling. George Zimmerman profiled a boy dressed like what he thought was a “thug” and took the issue into his own hands. …the media conveniently made up a new race… [Read more]

May 20

Can you believe that in many of our favorite pastimes the reason why the participants aren’t as diverse as we wish is because of an invisible color barrier? One would think that it was due to some bullies keeping it “pure” or a general disinterest by the other side but unfortunately the reason why these activities remain largely monotone is due to people’s fear of being “the token” or “the first” or a Twinkie, an Oreo, or an… wait there isn’t one for white people is there? -__- Let’s take Hip Hop legend and rapper Eminem as a large example of this. Eminem was as big a hip hop head as any kid growing up in his time and broke down a ton of barriers to become what he has in Rap history. With the stigma of a white boy doing urban Hip Hop that… [Read more]

Jan 16

When CNN recently cornered Chairman of Gun Appreciation Day Larry Ward to ask him why his event conflicted with Martin Luther King Jr. Day he made the statement: “I think Martin Luther King, Jr. would agree with me if he were alive today that if African Americans had been given the right to keep and bear arms from day one of the country’s founding, perhaps slavery might not have been a chapter in our history.” While I want to chalk this statement up to being careless trolling, the teacher in me wishes to correct him and any others who think like him on this sentiment. First of all to say that arming the slaves would have prevented slavery is a careless fantasy at best and secondly I wish that people would treat the narrative of American black slavery with the same reverence they do with… [Read more]

Jan 08

This is the question that I want to ask the blowhard, internet, freedom fighters of today whose opportunistic taste buds get tingly and hot when a movie like Django Unchained is released. If it isn’t Tarantino that is the target it is DL Hughley, or Kanye West. Not seeing the correlation? My point to all of these race champions who have written 1,000 word diatribes breaking down the history of the word nigger and why it makes them boohoo cry at night is that it is a fad to blog about it. Not only is it a fad but it comes off as hot air from a biased voice because most of the writers did not even watch the movie. Whoa! I know, I know, you don’t want to give old racist Quentin your $10 for his movie since it will no doubt slip into the pockets… [Read more]