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Jul 28
Attractive couple working out together

Lets face it folks, when you find someone to love, you tend to get a lot of good out of it but there are some bad things that snake their way into it. One of the bad things is fat, yup, fat … it sneaks in, it makes you bigger, and before you know it you’re on the scale like “WHAT IN THE WORLD!” So what makes relationships so fattening? I’ll tell you what it is, most of us were working out to get with someone in the first place. Now that the goal is attained, we see it as a chore, and we stop paying attention to ourselves. What most experts suggest we do about this is to use ours partner as springboards to promote proper nutrition and exercise. Do things together and it doesn’t become a compromise, if he/she (the one we love) is lazy then… [Read more]

Dec 11

Why exactly are restaurants allowed to undercut waiting staff in lieu of tips? Think about it, you get paid peanuts to play servant to random people in order to roll the dice on whether or not they will pay you 5-20% of what they ate. In the meantime your place of employ benefits from your hard work, probably raises it’s prices, and moves to pay you less since their increasing popularity means that your job is now in high demand. They can hire a cheaper you for half your salary! It’s like food prostitution with the owners of restaurants being a bunch of Iceberg Slims. “Bad tipping makes you look low class, and unsophisticated” Personally as a patron I would like for restaurants to be forced into showing the average wages of the waiting staff and indicate whether or not they are allowing the staff… [Read more]

Mar 08

When the Applebees incident with Pastor Alois Bell occurred it sparked a lot of discussion on restaurants, servers and tips. One thing is for sure about this topic is that it’s a very subjective one unless you query people who work as waiters themselves. People who haven’t will have their assumptions but the following list of 25 things are some facts that you may or may not be aware of. Servers hope that you ask for separate checks BEFORE you order. Waiters and Waitresses like you to use their name once they tell you. If you’re Asian, black, or over 50 they don’t expect you to tip well or tip at all. Over-tipping will not change this attitude… it will only “other” you. If you have an accent they don’t expect you to tip well or tip at all. When your food is slow it… [Read more]

Oct 26
korean bbq

Music and food are two of the most important elements to truly experiencing another culture when you travel. This is why it always surprises me when someone goes to another country or region and skips out on the food for fear of any number of things. You cannot truly experience if you don’t taste what the locals taste and this is why the most studied and the most adventurous have the best times. When you go to a new place it is very important to study up on the customs, methodology and the history of the place you are going to. While there, engage in conversation with your travel guide, taste foods from the street vendors who are most popular–the vendors with a line around the corner–and make sure you try some of the local fruit while you’re there. Many of us see the globe trotting… [Read more]

Jul 21

If you are a cultured individual, one of the best things that you can do for your not-so-privileged friends is to show them the beauty that is the art of eating. Many people grow up eating just to satiate their hunger and attain a small pleasure but never get the chance to really eat. I believe that social eating is one of the most intimate and special luxuries that we have as human beings. It is the reason why families in the old days made it a mandatory thing to eat breakfast and dinner together, but being forced to the table is a world of difference from being invited to the table. I have become a huge fan of the 3-course meal even though I pass on dessert. I start with the house soup, some finger foods and an adult beverage followed by the delicious… [Read more]

Nov 18

When you enter a fitness lifestyle aside from the hardships of climbing the physical mountain no-one ever warns you about the ignorant questions and assumptions people will place on you throughout your life. People will make up their face and ask you “what’s that” when they see your protein shake or tuna and they will try their best to push bad, fatty garbage unto your plate in some sort of twisted mission to win you back amongst their kind. Recently a friend of mine who has just started out on the Road of Kings (bodybuilding path) told me about an elaborate dinner at a restaurant her friend had invited her to. Knowing my friend to be a Foodie of the worst kind (the must eat everything kind), I had to ask whether or not she had the dessert. She had been struggling with weight for… [Read more]

Aug 27

Many times you hear people say that they need to get into shape for summer or for vacation so that they can have a good time without the hassle of paying attention to trifles like health and wellness. What I find strange about this sentiment is that fitness is a lifestyle and not an activity, but the information spread through the media would lead us to believe that getting in shape is an activity. The other thing about vacations is that the people who frequently do the cliché activities are walking/talking proof that America has an obesity problem. Unless you are one of those that are the example, you should look at it as motivation to get right. Theme Parks and Obesity I started dubbing morbidly obese body-types the “theme park body” due to what I see whilst people-watching at any number of theme parks…. [Read more]

Aug 13

Origami Sushi 3647 W Hillsborough Ave Tampa, FL 33614 This small restaurant presents just the right mixture of authentic Japanese cuisine and American style dining.  There is ample seating along the windows and dining room, and a full bar with flat screen televisions that runs across the length of the dining room. Great for a date night, or just being out with friends or family, Origami is a great place to frequent.  The staff is friendly, the bar is stocked, and the food is worth the wait. I love the menu at Origami as it has pictures of every dish they serve, so there is no guess work in what your food will look like or what ingredients will be included. I ordered the “Scorched Earth”, a cooked roll with salmon and asparagus.  The kicker is the assortment of fish and seafood in a… [Read more]