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Aug 25

Nine years ago (August 25, 2001) the world of Hip Hop / Rhythm and Blues was shaken by the news of Aaliyah Dana Haughton’s plane crashing. The thoughts were on the freakishness of such an event in a modern time since artists dying in plane crashes were associated with the 50’s and 60’s (think Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and The Big Bopper). The news was horrible and sobering as I had just witnessed her performance as Akasha Queen of The Damned and commented how extremely beautiful she was. Like most children of talent wish and dream of becoming lucky and having the world see their light illuminate the sky, Aaliyah was given that honor and slam dunked it with much emphasis. Her rhythmically coordinated dances are legendary and no dancer can do their thing these days without comparison checks being made (right Ciara?) Her voice… [Read more]

Jun 01

Once in awhile we get a brave, unique artist or two with a different sound break through the clones and deliver music that we either cheer or shun. Typically when it’s shunned, we pick it back up years after and lament our closed-minded disdain at the time and then dare to wonder “where are they now”. When David Bowie dropped Space Oddity, the world paid attention and it sent ripples throughout the music world that futuristic, space-aged sound has its place. Unfortunately there is only one Bowie but people such as Jason Kay of Jamiroquai have bravely taken the baton and continued to keep a groovy space-aged sound pumping… In the Hip Hop world Del Tha Funkee Homasapien, Kool Keith and Andre 3000 of Outkast have shown that even in the most closed-minded of music forms the space-age has its place. And now new artist… [Read more]