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Oct 26

While the contents of this post are very factual, this article is meant to be taken in a lighthearted manner. So if you do not have your sense of humor cap on today then kindly keep it moving. Without further adieu, I present to you the way to a man’s heart from A-Z: Adventurous: Most men want to travel, want to try new things and want to play “dress up” for sex but WE ARE LAZY! We need a soul mate to push us over the edge and expose that side of our spirit. Beauty: A man may not compliment you every time you change your hair color or your shoes, the fact of the matter is he does appreciate the extra effort on your part to be beautiful. Cleanliness: Sugar and spice and everything nice – most men believe women should be the clean/neat… [Read more]

Jan 21

There have been plenty of times in the last few years when I’ve seen the family members of friends getting over on them in one way or another. Some family members use their loved ones to get loans (that they don’t intend on ever repaying), to get free room and board, and to get limitless help–when life knocks them down. While it’s noble to offer help without want of payment to a family member, we all know that there are some people who will cross the line and take it to another level beyond charity. Let’s talk about bad friends and family members, and why we cannot treat everyone the same based on relationship ties. To the users and abusers, life isn’t about one hand washes the other, it’s about squeezing. If you have it to give, they have the hands to take, and they… [Read more]

Feb 14

It’s the start of the NFL season and I found myself at the local sports bar being waited on by a drop dead gorgeous blonde who had all the right things going on for her – she was cute, bubbly and had a sense of humor. Of course we weren’t the only ones in the bar noticing this. Guys of all kinds were vying for her attention; some smooth, most crass; it was just so many hard legs flirting with the girl that it started to become embarrassing. One of the other girls waiting was also pretty damn cute and on her game with the service unlike blondie who was having trouble making me a rum and coke for whatever reason… I guess some lames think being bad at your job adds to the hotness but whatever. While I considered bagging this chicken with some… [Read more]

May 13

Why am I having to write this? Well I am hoping that anyone who passes these Halls, sees this on Google or through your magnificent tweets, likes and re-posts will realize that they are being played by my man 50 Cent. Look, I can identify with Curtis because he has the same sick sense of humor that I do… we say stuff for reaction, we look from an outside realm into the world and toy with people when we feel bored enough. If you are the type to laugh at yourself you will completely get it, but if you are part of the other 80% who takes things at face value you will be mad at us. I get it, and I want you to get it too. Over the last year or so the mega-successful, rich, 50 Cent has toyed with the public on… [Read more]

Nov 01
Press people interviewing AXE

For those of you who showed much concern for your children and others who may have seen the AXE Ball Scrubber Commercial, AXE has taken note of your feedback and issued an Official Press Conference to address your questions. While I may have not found anything wrong with the ad, I do realize that my immature sense of humor may have blinded me from the wicked implications that an ad like it could bring to innocent eyes. But this was short-lived, as comments like the following from Gunluvr showed me that some people out there were truly offended by the idea of clean balls: “It is a disgusting and offensive commercial. Garbage like that should be shown on HBO or some other venue of scum to the moral and sexual deviants that it appeals to. One good thing about living in a Muslim country is… [Read more]

Jan 25

For those of you who grew up on a healthy dose of pron like myself, you will no doubt find the PG Porn series of videos hilarious. This one reminds me of the group Bang Bros and their collective videos of “Gonzo” reality television porn including Bang Bus which this video directly parodies. The premise of those old videos was to have a few guys drive around neighborhoods and give random hawtes rides with each guy taking a turn per episode. If you haven’t seen a Bang Bus episode then you probably won’t be laughing at this as hard as I am, still it is pretty damn funny on its own merit. My favorite part is the old lady and the look of shock she has through the entire ordeal, not to mention the end which Pedo Bear himself would be proud of – ya… [Read more]