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Oct 02

With the campaigning starting we are seeing the pandering beginning already. Seeing someone running that is outside the “norm” brings forth issues concerning “ism’s” again. With Obama, racism was brought up and questioned on its overt or subversive nature. And now with Clinton re-entering the fray questions of sexism and a glass ceiling are floating around. This is not an issue about candidates; this is simply about what is and what isn’t evident. Just as many people would stake claims that racism is over, they like to say that sexism is over as well. Sorry, but that just is not the case. Sexism, ideals regarding what men and women are capable of and should be able to do. Simone de Beavoir, author of The Second Sex (1949) is such a foundational piece in the women’s rights movement and feminism. “Representation of the world, like the… [Read more]

Jun 14

Yesterday, Greg Dragon wrote an article about silencing those of us who rant on social media by sharing their “thanks Mom for playing Dad” stories. As an advocate for child abuse survivors and non-conformists everywhere, I beg to disagree with his varying thoughts on this. He states that those who rant on Father’s day are bitter and want to mess up the holiday for everyone else and that the rants are merely haters who like to male bash. He does his best to dissuade those of us from alternative backgrounds by offering a thunderous round of applause for parents forced to assume both roles. I am left wondering where their national holiday is. I often wonder why child abuse survivors must hide their disdain for the parents who got it wrong and why they should be ridiculed for choosing to celebrate the one that got… [Read more]

Jun 13

In a couple of days your Facebook timelines, Twitter feeds and G+ homes will be littered with all sorts of appreciation grams for the fathers of your friends, family and associates. It will be a day of people expressing appreciation to dad on social media (who probably won’t be able to read it) so that everyone subscribed will see that he/she writing is an appreciative child. – if you sense a slightly annoyed tone in my writing… it is intended – Unfortunately this day that should be a celebration of fatherhood (read: MALE fatherhood) will be a time for opportunistic, bitter bastards (like myself #teamnodad) to post snarky-grams disguised as appreciation for our single mothers who “played both roles”. There will be people that were hurt as children taking the opportunity to garner pity from the masses or even worse lob bombs at those who… [Read more]

Jan 16

When CNN recently cornered Chairman of Gun Appreciation Day Larry Ward to ask him why his event conflicted with Martin Luther King Jr. Day he made the statement: “I think Martin Luther King, Jr. would agree with me if he were alive today that if African Americans had been given the right to keep and bear arms from day one of the country’s founding, perhaps slavery might not have been a chapter in our history.” While I want to chalk this statement up to being careless trolling, the teacher in me wishes to correct him and any others who think like him on this sentiment. First of all to say that arming the slaves would have prevented slavery is a careless fantasy at best and secondly I wish that people would treat the narrative of American black slavery with the same reverence they do with… [Read more]

Oct 16
couple arguing over money

I was watching the reality show “Sweetie Pies” and observed how victimized Tim felt as everyone in his family, especially his mother and fiancée, complained about his pursuit of money at the sacrifice of quality time with family. The same sentiment was expressed by Chrissy in another reality show “Chrissy & Mr. Jones”. Tim works long hours, seven days per week, in the family restaurant business, while Jim Jones is working hard at re-energizing his rap career by spending hours in the studio. I have seen this very thing way back in the days when I used to watch Jerry Springer, and one person would use this as an excuse for cheating. He or she would complain “You are always working, never spend any time with me!”  On the flip side, I have also heard the reasoning “You never take me anywhere. You don’t do… [Read more]

Jun 18
greg dragon and snips

Yesterday was Father’s Day and while I was quite prepared to go through the standard movement of calling my mother to wish her “happy Father’s Day” (one of our traditions with her being a single mom) and flipping past people posting their standard clichéd sentiments on Facebook, something extraordinary happened! My girlfriend’s daughter, who I have all but adopted as my young padawan learner, made me dinner and wished me a happy Father’s Day! No worries I didn’t cry. I cannot explain how shocked I am when I meet people who treat us outsiders as more than that when our actions have shown that we are a bit more. What I am used to is a person who cannot see past blood and throws around terms like “half-brother”, “half-sister”, “step-dad” and the like. Sure society trains us that blood is thicker than water (or non-relatives… [Read more]

Jun 01
annoyed woman in bed

No one would have ever thought porn would be this disruptive to a relationship or marriage…  If a man feels like sex is all about the woman, or that it’s work he has to do to satisfy her or he is going to hear her complain, then he isn’t going to be all that motivated to do it.  When he does do it he will not do a very good job and will probably count the minutes until it’s over.  The character Al Bundy on the TV Sitcom “Married With Children” was not far off as to the sentiments about how some married/committed men feel when it comes to sex in their relationships.  This is something that has to to be worked on by both parties, and some men can just be lazy when it comes to intimacy.  To help your relationship from becoming one… [Read more]

Apr 02
Mixed couple in bed fighting

There have been quite a few guys that have gotten in trouble for masturbating in the absence of their girlfriends or wives. Why did they get in trouble? Well it is normally a mix of mistrust, misunderstanding and naivete by the woman. See a man may look at masturbation as a means to an end, he has the urge and he wants to alleviate it as soon as possible. Some women counter that they should be enough to satisfy a man’s desires, but men require action at a much more aggressive rate than a woman does and a woman who has a problem with her man masturbating is probably not a sexual nymph that is willing to go at any given moment. Hence the problem. It is for this reason that I advise men to get with women who match their tastes in sex and… [Read more]