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Jul 28

While I have many favorite things that I truly enjoy in this world – the sound of the goal scoring horn at a Rangers game in Madison Sq. Garden… a perfectly seared, medium-rare porterhouse steak for 2 that’s actually just for me… and the searing metallic vocals of Judas Priest front man, Rob Halford – a premium cigar paired with a deliciously brewed concoction will forever rank high on my list.  When it comes to hand rolled cigars, you could say I know my stuff. As an editor for Cigar Advisor magazine and a lover of the leaf for over 20 years, I’ve dedicated an awful lot of time to this wonderfully smoke-filled passion. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to visit cigar producing nations like Honduras and the Dominican Republic, walking the tobacco fields and touring the factories while gaining a life changing glimpse of an… [Read more]

May 29
james dean

So what is the difference between High School cool and Adult cool? Well we define our own brand of cool when we become confident in our own skin (if you’re lucky), confident in our career, and confident in our love life. Adult cool can be the 40 yr. old father who still dresses like the cool cats of his day, or it can be the child-at-heart uncle who delights in doing projects around his house. Cool is a mindset, it is confidence, and adult cool to us here at the Hall of The Black Dragon is when you get to the point where nobody  can question your sense of style, you are good where you are. Teenage cool however is being accepted by everyone else, it’s a tribal type of mentality where you do things to be seen as normal by others. Many adults are… [Read more]

Mar 26
Donald Draper with jacket thrown over his shoulder

Donald Draper, the flawed leading man in the hit television show Mad Men, represents an ideal that many men strive for but soon regret once attaining it. Draper is rich, has a smoking hot wife (no pun intended) and is world famous in his career as an advertiser. Donald Draper is also handsome and all women’s legs seem to fall open for him with little to no effort; so as you can see he is the ultimate model of a man’s man. Let us delve even further into the ideal that is Draper… the man has good looking children, his wife is always on point in the beauty department (because her looks are her only asset) and he has a sexual targeting reticle locked in on him by women from all walks of life. Donald Draper was a soldier, an orphan, a boy who grew… [Read more]

Nov 19

Editor’s Note: I lost my grandmother and uncle to the war on Cancer due to their lifestyles of smoking like a cast member on Mad Men. From this personal experience and that of watching my little brother smoking and coughing like a coal engine from the 1800’s I have made up my mind that smoking is the last thing I would do next to playing Russian roulette and having unprotected sex with a prostitute (bear with me). Given this hardcore stance I was approached by a representative of Vapor4Life e-cigarettes to try out their brand of smoking alternatives to see if it was worthy of giving them some love in these Halls. Well I asked my buddy Robert to be the guinea pig (he quit smoking and has been fighting the urge for months) and he came back singing high praises of the V4L brand…. [Read more]