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Oct 12

Author’s note: Recently I did an article for fellow author Mark Gardner’s website. He gave me carte blanche to write about anything and I chose to talk about diversity in books (primarily Science Fiction). Here’s an excerpt and link to the actual article: One of the biggest praises I get from men when it comes to my books is that I write men to be authentic of who we are. You would think that being a man would make this automatic, but I read a lot of books written by men where the male characters are stereotypes as opposed to what you would find in a real person. My portrayal of men comes from a long history as a relationship blogger. When you’ve been forced to dissect why your gender does certain things—and behave certain ways—for as long as I have, you will find that… [Read more]

Jan 03

So what defines a nerd to you? I find myself wondering about this because as human beings we are all defined in our own unique, little ways. When asked this question most definitions lead to the stereotypical “nerd” (see movie Revenge of The Nerds) which is a socially inept, awkward, outcast who isn’t necessarily intelligent but highly fanatical about a certain thing. I have known many people who fit that mold; they seem nice enough but appear timid in social circles. They can rifle off stats about a football team or the entire Final Fantasy cast since the original. I’m sure you know people like this too. Some would argue that the introverted ways of most intelligent “nerds” are what buys them the label. If you have a person who is really into something to where it borders on obsession, they may or may not be… [Read more]

Nov 27

It’s the time of the season when we are hiring new talent at my job and I have been fortunate in being one of the people ushering in the interviewees. As a unit we scan hundreds of resumes, checking out who should match and who would end up wasting our times because they had little experience with our software. When we have a good number, we make some phone calls and bring them in for the interviews. One thing you learn when you interview people, it’s  that the worst tends to come out for those who buckle under societal pressure. You get the liar who thinks he can freestyle the interview by pretending to know anything you ask; you get the nervous wreck who rifles off a ton of personal details that no boss should know, and you get that one, fake cocky applicant. The… [Read more]

Nov 25

One of the most common stereotypes that women get plagued with is the notion that complaining is happiness. Another one is that a woman is never truly happy with a man, even if he is the drama-free type that gives her the world. These stereotypes come from a root of confusion, negativity, and oversimplification when it comes to communication, or should I say lack thereof between the sexes. The very popular backlash against approaching women in public has become deafening on the web. At the same time we have another loud cry for men to take it old school and approach women to court them face-to-face. If you aren’t already shaking your head at the paradox, I would urge you to read the first two sentences of the paragraph again. Men are being asked to stay away from women in public, but at the same… [Read more]

Oct 25

We’re not only writers; we’re readers and below are some of the highlights of the past few weeks that we wish to share: Sex Question Friday: Why Is Being Single So Stigmatized? As a result of these negative stereotypes, people seem to feel that singlism (the scientific term for prejudice against singles) is justified. In fact, people think it is much more legitimate to discriminate against singles than it is to discriminate against people based upon other personal characteristics (e.g., race, gender, sexual orientation). Consistent with this idea, in one study, participants were asked to evaluate a set of property rental applications and to select they applicant they would prefer to have as a tenant.  (LEHMILLER) Black man’s burden: myth of the deadbeat The question put forth to you today is whether or not this unsubstantiated rumor is true? The answer is a resounding “No!” Not only… [Read more]

Aug 05
gabby douglas father

“I’m like, ‘Who’s calling my name?’ And then I look up. It was my dad and his friend, and I haven’t seen him in a while,” Gabby said. “They were holding up the flag. And I almost felt like bawling. I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, Dad!’” When we watched tiny Gabby Douglas take gold in the all-around competition of gymnastics in London 2012, we were routinely reminded that her journey there was a rough one. The focus has rightfully been on her strong, single mother who was willing to take a chance in letting her child live with another family in order to realize her gymnastic potential and a heart as strong as a bull that allowed her to focus and keep it together. But nowhere in the narrative was her father mentioned and it led to many people assuming that it was the… [Read more]

Jan 10

Guys (and gals), when you have a lover, girlfriend, wife, friend etc. you should always introduce them to people unless you are either embarrassed by them or asked to keep their identity a secret beforehand. When you run into friends and family without introducing the person that is with you it leaves room for a ton of speculation about him/her that you won’t like. Before I get into this I must preface by saying that I know with many people it isn’t intended as a sign of disrespect or slight when they don’t introduce their mate to you. Sometimes we assume that the mate will introduce themselves or that you have already met the individual at one time or another. This article is just a reminder to everyone that assumptions is bred from perception and when you have someone silently standing next to you as… [Read more]

Mar 16

Parents, especially you white American parents who haven’t bothered to spend 3 seconds on teaching your children racial tolerance before they become teenagers – do yourself a favor and destroy their web-cams! YouTUBE, Facebook and chain emails are all public forums in which young people stupidly post rants and embarassing shit that will affect their professional life and beyond. Consider our new entry – one Alexandra Wallace, who exhibits a list of characteristics that race bloggers have been discussing for nearly 10 years now. UCLA Student Alexandra Wallace’s Rant: [flashvideo filename=videos/asian_rant-dumbass.flv image=videos/images/asian_rant.jpg /] Alexandra’s Rant exhibits: The expected thought process of a privileged, blonde, attractive, young girl. Look don’t be mad at me for posting it, but the fact of the matter is, if you look like this there is a solid stigma by people of color that your privileged ass is harboring racist opinions… [Read more]