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May 29
Scene from A clockwork Orange - Alex and Gang beat up a homeless man

On one of the writing forums that I frequent, a female member asked if the popular trope of men being at odds and fighting it out before become best friends is a real one. Quite a number of men chimed in—myself included—and we let her know that it’s unrealistic. As men, we seek out other men of like interests, and we meet our comrades doing things that we love. Violence is rarely a good cause and effect of positivity in a young person’s life. The friends that I fought in High School were already friends and the beat down to establish respect is a little different from our topic today, which is bullying and the misconceptions we have of it. Coming up we have all witnessed bullying, and many of us remember sitting back tight-lipped about it wondering: Why doesn’t the kid just fight back… [Read more]

May 20

Can you believe that in many of our favorite pastimes the reason why the participants aren’t as diverse as we wish is because of an invisible color barrier? One would think that it was due to some bullies keeping it “pure” or a general disinterest by the other side but unfortunately the reason why these activities remain largely monotone is due to people’s fear of being “the token” or “the first” or a Twinkie, an Oreo, or an… wait there isn’t one for white people is there? -__- Let’s take Hip Hop legend and rapper Eminem as a large example of this. Eminem was as big a hip hop head as any kid growing up in his time and broke down a ton of barriers to become what he has in Rap history. With the stigma of a white boy doing urban Hip Hop that… [Read more]

Dec 20

One of the major disconnects that men and tomboys have is the fact that a rough-and-tumble girl usually has a large collection of guy friends. It would be silly to assume that a woman who partakes in things that are almost exclusively boys club would bond mostly with women when men are what she’s going to be most comfortable around due to her day-to-day. Many people assume things from a distance and although the friendship may be innocent to her, for the guys in her circle 99.9% of them are trying in their own way to have sex with her. As men we carry a lot of stigmas towards these women, not to say that women don’t have their fair share. In the last post I did on tomboys we had women commenting that they are all lesbians and a bunch of other noise so… [Read more]

Aug 25
Martial arts take-down

One of the most annoying and inaccurate stigmas with the martial arts is that you have to be a child or pre-teen to enter and take away anything of value from it. As a practicing Karateka of 23 years I am here to warn you that formal training could and will save your life. The statement that is the title was stated by Nas, a rapping emcee who has made a living echoing the sentiment of the street. Of course if you are familiar with the street’s sentiment, it is “I practice Gun fu not kung-fu” which is arrogance in assuming that a. you will always be in a place where your gun is at the ready and b. you are born with the natural skills to fight. My question to you older folks that shy away from martial arts based on this is –… [Read more]

Apr 20

There’s nothing like a real hug, I mean this from men and women, a real hug conveys so much language to you it bypasses any well written letters, any speeches and any other gestures. A real hug breaks down your defenses, it’s hard to defend if you are trying to be cold, and it either endears a person to you or makes you afraid of them. If you’ve ever felt a real hug, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. Giving a real hug isn’t some thing people do as a way to manipulate, console or appease you. From what I’ve seen, it’s an art that is mastered to the point that anyone you hug can and will instantly be affected. Many of us hold the ability to do it but we wouldn’t, not in a million years, it’s just too vulnerable, too intimate,… [Read more]

Mar 16

Parents, especially you white American parents who haven’t bothered to spend 3 seconds on teaching your children racial tolerance before they become teenagers – do yourself a favor and destroy their web-cams! YouTUBE, Facebook and chain emails are all public forums in which young people stupidly post rants and embarassing shit that will affect their professional life and beyond. Consider our new entry – one Alexandra Wallace, who exhibits a list of characteristics that race bloggers have been discussing for nearly 10 years now. UCLA Student Alexandra Wallace’s Rant: [flashvideo filename=videos/asian_rant-dumbass.flv image=videos/images/asian_rant.jpg /] Alexandra’s Rant exhibits: The expected thought process of a privileged, blonde, attractive, young girl. Look don’t be mad at me for posting it, but the fact of the matter is, if you look like this there is a solid stigma by people of color that your privileged ass is harboring racist opinions… [Read more]

Feb 22

At the risk of getting no reads on this article (the ones that I write defending women seem to do the worst in regards to interest) I wanted to explore the stigmas and fears that men have for women that lift weights heavily. I don’t mean all men but rather the more vocal of our number that have relayed their disinterest and disgust when it comes to hard bodies. We can begin with the term hard body and for all of you men reading that wish to broaden your dating horizons to include the gym. I will attempt to debunk the myths that surround a lady gym-rat. Muscle on Muscle is Not Always Desired While it may make perfect sense for a male bodybuilder and his female counter-part to link up, marry and have droves of muscular babies. Many bodybuilders are just as content finding… [Read more]

May 24

If you are a single man who doesn’t have a good network of other single friends, I feel your pain and I know the hell that you are going through. Even if you are happily single, the stigmas, prejudices and assumptions made by your once single, now married friends is probably annoying as hell to deal with. I will catch some heat on this one but it must be said, as a single man I know for a fact that most wives will dislike me as a friend to their husbands. It is not so much what I do, but what their husband’s do in order to seem cool to me. Being that they know their husbands better than anyone else, they know that the things I do without much thought is taboo for a married man but doesn’t mean that the married man won’t… [Read more]