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Aug 19

Boss man got you down? Clients playing the part of Victorian slave owners? Well we know that work sucks and you would much rather be golfing but is it all bad? Work brings you money, and money buys things that can potentially make you happy, plus being employed impresses people… right? So we are stuck working—at least those of us who need to work—so why not make it tolerable? The following list is my 10 tips for relieving work-related stress. I have found that the main cause of stressing over work is our inability to detach, keep things in perspective, and not take it personally. The way to accomplish these things is to find ways to relax, put your mind on something else, and set boundaries between your home life and your job. 1. Happy Hour If you are a social butterfly then there is… [Read more]

Oct 29
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How many of you out there spend with your hearts and not your brains? Think about it, are you all about experiencing things now and then figuring out how to pay for it later, or are you a planner who makes sure the money is there with enough left over for bills and life before spending?, a credit card comparison company has done a survey of over 1,100 people and found that 41% of them had less than $500 in their savings account. YOLO (you only live once) right? Yet why does this statistic not surprise me? People will blame every aspect of life but their careless spending in order to not feel foolish about being one of those 41%. I personally know that part of the problem with this statistic is that the people with no savings, investments, and nest eggs are able… [Read more]

Feb 09

If you aren’t keeping a solid bit of savings, keeping up with your bills and minding your life and business then you are a burden on those who know you, one way or another. There is a reason why you see millionaire athletes crying broke after being released from their team and it is no different from your sister with the high income job who somehow ends up begging you for $100 every other month to pay her light bill. The reason is a lack of knowledge, or a lack of caring to learn the birds and the bees of financial education. It is one thing to not know what you’re doing but this article is for those of you who have access to the knowledge but choose instead to live recklessly. Money – It’s All about Our Outlook I think that the deciding factor… [Read more]

Apr 04

One thing that people tend to neglect to do is to look in the mirror initially before making themselves the de facto financial expert in the relationship. In a lot of situations people who seemingly are doing well are just wearing a fancy mask to cover an ugly liability sheet. The person who doesn’t care about or ignores finances goes into relationships with these individuals that look good on the outside financially and then allows that person to take care of their finances also. Then a few years down the line when they’re both knee-deep in debt with no hope in sight he/she wonders at what went wrong with this seemingly smart individual. There are many snakes out there who hide their finances very well and show the outside world a picture of success and growth but in reality are no better off than someone… [Read more]

May 06

I think the most frustrating thing about being an enterprising individual or entrepreneur is the loneliness. While you may have the support of friends and loved ones, nobody understands anything unless they are doing things like you are or have done things in the past. They don’t understand what it is you do or how you make money for it, they don’t understand your obsession with the ROI (Return on Investment) and they either think you have more money than god, or that your grind shows that you have too much time on your hands. Either way, the pats on the back are there and the bragging that “you are doing something”, but at the end of the day it falls hollow because they simply cannot fathom what it is you are going through. For this it is a lonely world for any of us… [Read more]