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Dec 13

I have a secret… in my private life I am a wrist watch hawking, window shopping, dandy with an eye for colorful shirts, sports coats, and great shoes. Why is this a secret? Well it’s a bit of a private love of mine, and like many men who like fashion, I wish that all my brothers would drop the homophobia and look towards dressing better. In honor of men’s fashion—until I can find a writer to own this topic—from now on I will be sharing some of the gems that I find around the web that can help the monochrome dressing male step their gear up into “Modern Gentleman” status. There are many guys out there with blogs and pictorials to help us branch out but many are unknown to the average reader. Martell Campbell is a man that likes to dress and his article… [Read more]

Oct 31

“I sexed more with conversation than I ever did with my penis or my tongue.” – Iceberg Slim If you’ve read any of Robert Beck’s books you will understand why his genius and mastery of words reflect a complex creature that could not be summed up simply as a pimp. His words had a way of putting you in the moment, lulling you into his reality of wire hanger whippings, luxurious hotel rooms, and the drugs of the time that kept him so aloof that he earned the street moniker Iceberg. Pimping is a cruel, evil institution that has been strangely glamorized in Hollywood and music alike, but to say that the mythical pimp (not the real kind) does not hold a certain appeal to damaged young men is to be dishonest or dare I say ignorant to the culture. What is it about a pimp that… [Read more]

Jul 18
peter parker and gwen stacy

If you are a socially awkward guy that has issues talking to women, you should check out The Amazing Spiderman. No worries on the movie sucking as it is actually top notch, so hesitation is unnecessary – I just want you to see Peter Parker’s swagger. In the original Spiderman starring Tobey Maguire, the character of Peter Parker was an overly nice smart kid whose childhood love interest was a red-haired girl-next-door (Mary Jane Watson) played by Kristen Dunst. Peter allowed his much cooler, richer, better looking best friend to take this average looking girl away from him, while he just waited for her to choose. Many guys do the same thing in life then end up upset when the woman chooses the better package deal. The new Peter Parker is socially awkward, but unlike the former he is dark in a way that works… [Read more]

Jun 11
beautiful black woman

Many women who aren’t built like Angelina Jolie (beautiful face, rail thin body) seem to look towards these catchy ideologies to love themselves due to this perception that they aren’t sexy. Much of this is true if you were to listen to the media and the more vocal male populace (I exclude myself, I like many body-types). Instead of just embracing your body – which every woman should do if there is no will, want or ability to change – is to look towards men who love their current body-type! One joke that has been around for a while between black and white men is that when a skinny white woman gains weight she immediately starts looking to date black guys. Not my joke; kind of crass, but allow me to put a positive spin on it: If a certain type of man likes thicker… [Read more]

May 29
james dean

So what is the difference between High School cool and Adult cool? Well we define our own brand of cool when we become confident in our own skin (if you’re lucky), confident in our career, and confident in our love life. Adult cool can be the 40 yr. old father who still dresses like the cool cats of his day, or it can be the child-at-heart uncle who delights in doing projects around his house. Cool is a mindset, it is confidence, and adult cool to us here at the Hall of The Black Dragon is when you get to the point where nobody  can question your sense of style, you are good where you are. Teenage cool however is being accepted by everyone else, it’s a tribal type of mentality where you do things to be seen as normal by others. Many adults are… [Read more]

Jul 19

So women are in love with the Iron Man, not so much Robert Downey Jr.’s excellent version of the billionaire playboy (though they admit to liking him too), but the suit of armor! This means that there is hope for you nerds that spent 3 checks purchasing the parts to make your Mark II suits damn near perfect… if you can mock the Stark swagger that is. Recently I sat down with an attractive young woman that I learnt was big into Iron Man without the comic book background or “nerd cred” to discredit her. This girly-girl has seen the movie twice and she and her girlfriends are all in concert with their attraction to The Invincible Iron Man. Why The Suit? Well it’s the suit + movement + the fact that the man inside is about as vulnerable as you can get. It’s the… [Read more]

Mar 22

Everybody knows Han Solo from Star Wars, he is the quintessential Bad Boy that women fantasize about. He’s good looking, he shoots first and asks questions later, he’s a rogue, a scoundrel, and a dead-eye with a blaster. Han Solo has outrun Darth Vader’s goons, he’s taken on the legendary Boba Fett and the cherry on his exciting life (beyond the list) is the fact that he bagged himself a princess. In a world of magical Jedi and terrible Sith Lords, Han is a regular guy who manages to survive. But you’ve all seen the movie so let me close his resume and get to the point. Han Solo is the dark knight that women look for in the faux thugs that they date and sometimes marry. What If Han Were a Real Man of Today? I think people give Han more love than he… [Read more]

Aug 10

Being confident and sexy for women is something that some men are blessed with naturally and others have to work at it. Often times magazines and blogs offer guides as to things that should be done in order to attract women but is this general outlook on the fairer sex even realistic? Women are as different as men are so one woman’s attraction is another woman’s turn-off, for this reason following a how-to guide will yield about the same results you had before reading it. Many men lack a good presence to them when they move around throughout society, the guys with swag stand out. In order to be “chosen” one must standout, be apart, be your own sense of cool. Please re-read that last sentence, you must have YOUR OWN sense of cool. When you go emulating Joe Hollywood or your wolf buddy Samuel… [Read more]