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Nov 09

Many of us have had ideas that we wanted to turn into reality. Most of us sit on it, tell everyone we know about it, and let it drift off into the clouds of “what-ifs”. We are satisfied that everyone either said it was a good idea, or give up after learning that it has already been invented. Then there are those strange folks who think of things, build them, and then fly overseas with little else but a dream in order to get a factory to manufacture it… Most of us don’t know too many people like this but guess what? I got to sit down with one of these crazy people in order to pick their brains on what it takes to bring an idea into reality. It was a late night when I visited Master Hoon Park’s dojo “J Park Martial Arts”… [Read more]

Sep 03
strippers in tampa bay

Sexually repressed, bible beating, old men congregating in the city of Mons Venus can only mean one thing… an uptick in revenue for the ladies of the night. What else do you expect from people who swear by their “conservative” living as hardcore as the blowhards at the RNC this past week? Repressed sexual urges, free-flowing liquid assets, and the need to get some “top” from Tampa’s finest. Look, I had a buddy do some investigating himself and he reported back that the girls went out to buy iPhone card swipes to accommodate the old senators and such who wanted dat extra time in the Champagne Room (queue the sound of booties clapping to “Bands A Make Her Dance”). August 2012 was a damn good time to be a stripper! Sadly for local businesses that were forced to close their doors, the money from the… [Read more]

Jun 08
henrys chicago style

Henry’s Chicago Style 33135 US 19 • Palm Harbor, FL 34684727-785-7300  Being a native from the Windy City area, I always try to find a Chicago style hot dog spot in any city that I reside. It’s not often I find one, but the craving is always there throughout my life. That’s why when I saw a random ad for Henry’s Chicago Style, I jumped at the chance to go. Even better, I found that it was close to my house and wondered why I never saw it. Then I went. Upon arrival at Henry’s, I was greeted by a group of 16 and 17 year old kids at the register and behind the counter. No adults in sight. This was way different than my usual mom and pop experience – mom and pop were nowhere to be found. I didn’t care, as I really just… [Read more]

Jul 29

Having been around the block and back several times over I have had the pleasure of feeling booties from the bony flats all the way to the table-top stacked. Booties are booties, it’s cold on approach and warm to the touch (you feel me?) but it was only recently that I experienced an artificially enhanced booty… A little background: As a man that has encountered real breasts as well as silicone and saline versions I can solidly say that nature wins out in that contest all day, every day. I had one experience so scarring (they were lumpy) that I became hardcore about my anti-fake boob stance to where I can proudly proclaim that I would take a natural pair of A’s over a false set of D’s any day. Many men share my stance in this… but back to the booty. Recently I took… [Read more]

Apr 29

Eggstyle 3980 Tampa Road, Oldsmar, FL 34677 813-855-EGGS(3447) Eggstyle is located just west of the Tampa city limits in Oldsmar Florida.  The dining room serves breakfast, brunch and lunch. The atmosphere is casual and friendly with an err of sophistication.  The décor is warm and upbeat.  The dining area is very open with comfortable booth seating just far enough apart that you are not bothered by other conversations.  I immediately felt good as soon as I walked through the door, as we were greeted with a friendly smile and a genuine feeling of being welcomed.  Aside from being a breakfast restaurant, there is also a separate juice bar area where they prepare smoothies made to order with fresh fruit, honey, yogurt and fruit juices, which is a great for those just passing through for a healthy fix. Side note: I usually do not comment,… [Read more]