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Jun 22
man complaining to his wife

Do not bring me a complaint without having a solution to go along with it. Do NOT bring me a complaint without having a solution to go along with it. Repeat this to yourself, your staff, and the people in your life that have shown signs of that disease called woebeme. Stop whining, stop whinging, be solution-oriented, nobody cares. Harsh? Of course it is. Necessary? Yeah, if you want to be a successful person. The spirit of innovation starts with finding solutions for complex problems. It’s from that essence that entrepreneurship is born. It glows bright, energizes you, and even if you’re on the chain gang of a Corporate company, others will see it. You become an answer-man, as opposed to a complainer. Nobody likes a complainer Is it me, or does it seem like our sex comes into play with the way we view… [Read more]

Apr 19

What defines a manly show? Well it’s typically the type of show that your wife or girlfriend finds hard to sit and watch with you even though it seems like the best thing since sliced bread for males. It would be easy to list off some of the so-called reality series that have country boys swinging axes, farming and repoing cars but we’re talking about real TV stories and history here. So if you’re in the mood for some hard hitting television to wash the girly True Blood and Mad Men from your mouth, then consider the following 5 shows for your entertainment. Spartacus (Complete) – STARZ Network Beautiful women, tons of sex, and men with the bodies of bodybuilders – this is Spartacus.  It’s hard to call Spartacus a “manly” show being that it has a little something for everybody in it, but while… [Read more]

Feb 25

It’s easy to go through life on autopilot as a man. In the book/movie The Matrix the protagonist “Neo” is given a choice between a blue pill – which would let him remain clueless and plugged into the illusion of the world, or a red pill which would unplug him and wake him up to the harsh reality of life. The red pill is the rebellious, hard way of going about things but it bears the greatest reward in true confidence as a man in this world. The Blue Pill of Manhood Let’s discuss what it is to be blue pill male in this world. Blue pill living has your wife/girlfriend picking out your clothes for you because she thinks you dress terribly; it has you punching a clock for some douchebag that refuses to give you a raise unless you threaten to quit. Your… [Read more]

Dec 28

1. Michael Phelps Defines Champion How absolutely Alpha is Michael Phelps? Going out on top, snatching every gold that they dangled in his face and paving his own path as a legendary Olympian. I found it funny how the media tried it’s damndest to create drama for the titan with rumors of rivalry with a teammate and his dating a strange s“hot” blonde who they feared was out to dig gold. Phelps’ Teflon ability to keep it classy, humble and professional when facing a hot mic made him that much more impressive as all the rumors fell apart due to them failing at shaking up his gangster poker face. 2. We Still Had James… For all the changes in modern culture to do away with Alpha males it was great to see that the most Alpha of them all is still a relevant hero in… [Read more]

Nov 09

There aren’t any rituals, rites of passage, memorized chants or graduation ceremony for manhood or womanhood. As men our sisters get the benefit of nature assisting their ascension through puberty, the first period and several other private things. For men we get theories, comparison checks to our forefathers and conflicting feedback on what constitutes a “man”. It is something that we never think about in detail but it has to leave many guys pondering, “am I truly a man, or am I a boy pretending at this grown-up thing”? It seems as if the blood, sweat and tears spilled by women of the past to gain equal grounds with their testosterone fueled mates, has left many men scrambling to figure out our respective “roles” in a family structure. If you think I’m making this up just observe the barbs being thrown across gender lines in… [Read more]

Sep 21

There are times when a man will find himself in a situation where he must choose between appearance and comfort. The standard of our time is to choose the latter especially if there is no need to impress a female (the man is either married or in a lengthy relationship). While this standard may seem ideal and “comfortable”, it goes away from the warrior standard. The ancient Samurai known to be the most impressive of warriors stressed appearance as well as skill on the battlefield. An unseemly appearance before and after being cut down in battle was shameful. For this an ideal Samurai would have his armor clean, and beautiful, his nails clipped and together, his hair tight and his appearance solid prior to joining the ranks to do war. Men of today use the logic of “I am going to die anyway so who… [Read more]

Jan 19

Ever felt like Atlas the Titan bearing the weight of the world on your shoulders? Sure you have, we’ve all been there at one point or another. Last year was probably one of the worst years any of us will ever experience in terms of large-scale issues (not those standard personal ones) and for me it was no different. The Hall of The Black Dragon was one of the only positives going for me in 2009 since business yielded more than a few unpaid invoices and an occasional rip-off artist here and there. The money flowed south but I found my stability through writing and of course maintaining this beautiful site. We were lucky to get a few friends on-board, namely Nia Syrah and Niambi Dawn to add a female perspective to our testosterone laced opinions, Beauty and the Eats told us which restaurants were… [Read more]

Mar 10

One of the ways us men show affection for one another is through an activity called “breaking balls”. The term is referred to by many names but being who I am, I tend to go with that term over the rest. Synonyms include but are not limited to “ribbing”, “chewing” and “razzing”. Chances are you have heard one of these terms before. It takes a special kind of bond to get into breaking balls effectively, if you and your comrade aren’t on a certain level of friendship it will be misunderstood as an attack on his character. It is not a simple gesture being that effectively breaking balls weigh on not only the temperment of your friend but the results you seek in doing so. There are different reasons to break balls and different methods in doing so. The friendly jab – This is the… [Read more]