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Sep 10

Sometimes the workforce turns us into animated objects so hell bent on reaching our individual goals that a fatal collision is unavoidable. It took me many years of working in the corporate environment to realize how very similar we people are to the cars in my morning commute. How similar you may ask? Damn similar. Let us observe the similarities between people at work and the morning drive. The “Good” Driver If the job was a highway filled with vehicles then the people who work there are the cars. Most workers are standard, they come in when they are supposed to (mostly a little late), and they leave when their shift is up (mostly a little early). Every year they look for a raise and to get them to leave their position is like pulling teeth. These are the cars that travel at speed limit…. [Read more]

Jan 17

When my best friend Phil asked his lady Bridget to marry him and she said yes, he was absolutely beaming with excitement. Come four months later though, his ear-to-ear grin had been replaced by a stiff, resolute scowl. What had happened? His sassy, quirky fiancé had been transformed into the dreaded, stereotypical bridezilla. Worse, he was bearing much of the brunt of her unrestrained crazy; if he tried to help with the planning process, he was “in the way” but if he did nothing then she deemed him “unappreciative and indifferent towards their marriage.” When the day of their wedding actually arrived, he was just as happy that there would be an end to the emotional, frantic insanity as he was to actually be marrying the woman. So, when I asked my fiancé, Amanda, to marry me two years later, I was determined to learn… [Read more]

Mar 13

One note before I get into this wonderful list of 10 things that people enjoy who live by themselves. If you have a significant other, a sibling or a roommate who allows you to do most of these things and is understanding and tolerant enough to make your life together easy then you are a very lucky person. Most roommates are selfish, demanding, messy slobs who make our life a little more annoying than it needs to be so naturally many of us like to do it alone. The following list is a set of reasons why loneliness isn’t necessarily negative. 1. The Sound of Silence Call me scarred from living in the dorms of a college, or maybe it’s my nature but I love the hell out of silence. When you live with others you are always arguing, talking or overhearing phone conversation. Being… [Read more]

Oct 20

Those of us that have played or participated in anything competitive know that when all else failed and everyone else bailed there was one person who saw things through to the end: mom. When we were outmatched or outplayed, mom (sometimes embarrassingly) watched on. Maybe it was because she was our ride home (child endangerment charges could be a bitch, I’d guess) or just figured “Hell, I’m here now. No need leaving early.” Either way, she stayed. I remember one year playing on a team that just scoring was victory for us. We were a pathetic cluster of boys imitating a football team at times. During those games, I’d look to the stands hoping that she had been looking away and not seen the last few minutes. Hell, I felt bad for her. But never did I think I’d look up and she’d be walking… [Read more]

Sep 21

The title says it all, when you have a passion (which you should), oft times you don’t end up working in that field. While everyone is not entrepreneur material, it is a good idea to keep your focus squarely on what it is that you really want to do. Getting to that goal is it’s own article but what I do know is that the daily grind will blur ones vision. Before you know it you become that salty employee, mad that your co-worker makes $1,000 more than you and mad that your boss hasn’t acknowledged all the extra effort you’ve put in a month before your review (heh). What not to do at your job: Tell others your dream: Nothing is more of a buzz kill than telling your dreams to disgruntled employee guy. The pats on the back and encouragement that you seek… [Read more]

Feb 09

From the day that we step foot into our sophomore, junior and senior year of high school, most of the adults around us start telling us how important it is to get into college so that we can get that job with “good” benefits. It’s almost as if the benefits are the goal, not just the good job. However, more often than not, when the goal is reached, a lot of people make the mistake where they do not take the time to figure out what their benefits packages have to offer until they need them.  Because I happen to work in the benefits industry, I see first hand the impact that not knowing your benefits can have on your pockets. The following are certain questions that need to be asked and information that should be gathered prior to the day that you need them… [Read more]