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Oct 03
Oenamaus the gladiator

In my humble opinion, nothing is a greater test of heart than sports and combat. You can train, study and read all you want but when the jaws of life slams shut, you are typically left with two choices: fight or run. Most of us assume that we will fight if the situation gets dire, but trust me, you never really know until you find yourself in danger. It is after reacting and recovering that you truly know what you’re made of. Some of you are warriors, rolling off of your opponent with his warm heart beating within your teeth, but some of you don’t have the stomach for it, and end up running away or falling victim.  The deciding factor isn’t as simple as winning or losing. You have to apply pressure to your spirit, and observe what it does in the worst situations. “You… [Read more]

Oct 03

I love Wonder Woman, as a person that loves action, what’s not to love about a righteous, ass-kicking Amazon? I’m talking about the modern adaptation of the character here—not the sexy, lasso wielding, dominatrix that flew an invisible jet. Wonder Woman is fearless and she is confident, she has no axe to grind, no political agenda to push, like most mythical Amazons she is all about combat and what she believes in. This makes her very palatable as a “hero” and it doesn’t give any extra weight to her sex in one way or the other. Outside of her being an Amazon, and one of Superman’s matches (in more ways than you can imagine), there is not much else to put on Princess Diana, but I move to say that her skills are enough. One would think that she could get a movie that would… [Read more]

May 27

It isn’t spoken about enough but like many other pink elephants in the room, the lack of true reward for the military soldier in a country that has so much is one that nobody wishes to talk about. Yet daily we see our parents, siblings, sons, and daughters put on the uniform and sign away years of their life in order to meet the needs of the state. These needs are not something that is either new, or something that will ever change as far as I can see. War is hell, but war is a part of the human experience. Unfortunately, as we all very well know, war desires warriors. As civilians we have the weight of support and gratitude for our Spartans who are lucky enough to come home with their shields as opposed to on them, but speak to many veterans and… [Read more]

Apr 09

What would happen if the zombie apocalypse occurred while you were at work and you were stuck with 3 coworkers to survive and possibly find a livable future for the world? My coworkers and I started a game of this awhile back and it amazed me how it forced us to focus on the strengths of everyone in our office in order to pick our individual teams. The breakdowns were amazing as some people even chose one person to be possible zombie bait in case the camp got overrun. Some chose the office hawte (in case they needed to repopulate the earth) and quite a few picked people who they knew hunted, fished, or loved the great outdoors in general. The interesting part about this exercise was that all of us remembered who it was we picked for our teams and why, even months down… [Read more]

Feb 12

If there is any one character in the entire Star Wars universe more disappointing to me it’s Master Yoda everyone’s beloved little Lannik. Yoda is brought across as the epitome of everything good yet as a leader he was nothing more than a fat coward who got extremely comfortable in his position as grandmaster. Men should try NOT to be like Master Yoda as opposed to emulating him for many reasons. Sure he gave great anecdotes, had inherently good intentions, but when it came time to act he chose instead to run even after his order was wiped out. A Captain always goes down with the ship, a God King rides at the forefront of the cavalry, and Samurai Lords fall on their swords rather than be disgracefully taken captive by their rivals. Even in old kung fu movies the master Abbots of the Shaolin… [Read more]

Jan 02

When it comes to martial history there is much attention given to the men and women who accomplished amazing feats, their weapons of choice and how they used them. I’ve noticed that while these weapons were extraordinary unless it’s a work of fiction, there is barely any mention of who created it. The legendary samurai Miyamoto Musashi cautioned future warriors to hold no attachment to a particular “favorite” weapon since times of war will not always guarantee you having it. But master Miyamoto would agree that some of the greatest sword saints before him had blades with names just like many who followed him. One of the most overlooked portion of the warrior’s sword is the smith. Good steel like anything else was not mass produced and chosen at random; good steel was forged by a master. Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill paid homage to this fact with… [Read more]

Nov 28
maria gorrostieta

In a country (Mexico) ravaged and run through by violent drug cartels one of the true warriors to fight back was Dr. Maria Santos Gorrostieta. Maria fought the good fight and doubled her efforts after losing her first husband in one of two unsuccessful assassination attempts made by the cartel on her life. Maria Santos Gorrostieta could be called many things in life – a devoted mother, a strikingly beautiful woman, even a fearless heroine. One reporter gave her the monicker of “heroine of the 21st century”. To know Maria you have to look at her history of work, her survival under deadly fire, and her defiance to the very end. Fighting the Impossible Fight In 2006 Mexican president Felipe Calderon declared war on the drug cartels to rid the country of their influence. The results of this has been a bloody road of assassinations,… [Read more]

Nov 08
grandy nanny

In Jamaica when slavery was at its peak a number of West Africans fled the plantations to form tribes in the mountains. These slaves were called a derogatory Spanish name “cimarrons” or “Maroons” which meant savage, but they were very civilized, and extremely organized with the intent of freeing their brothers and sisters. The Maroon tribes are said to have inter-married with the native Arawak tribes of Jamaica and would train to become efficient fighters and masters at guerilla warfare. Slave masters would worry for their lives as these Maroons would routinely damage their property, liberate slaves, and fend off the attacking British soldiers whenever their settlements were besieged – which was quite often. Societies of Maroons, or “runaways,” make up the core of communities that have preserved their identities as the pioneer freedom fighters of the New World. The colonies of escaped slaves who… [Read more]