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Jun 22
man complaining to his wife

Do not bring me a complaint without having a solution to go along with it. Do NOT bring me a complaint without having a solution to go along with it. Repeat this to yourself, your staff, and the people in your life that have shown signs of that disease called woebeme. Stop whining, stop whinging, be solution-oriented, nobody cares. Harsh? Of course it is. Necessary? Yeah, if you want to be a successful person. The spirit of innovation starts with finding solutions for complex problems. It’s from that essence that entrepreneurship is born. It glows bright, energizes you, and even if you’re on the chain gang of a Corporate company, others will see it. You become an answer-man, as opposed to a complainer. Nobody likes a complainer Is it me, or does it seem like our sex comes into play with the way we view… [Read more]

Feb 18

The last Rocky movie took everyone by surprise since it chose to focus heavily on the champion’s heart and outlook over the big training segments and lights out competition that its predecessors had. There was no Apollo Creed to keep the Italian Stallion honest and there was no larger than life super villain like Ivan Drago. To be honest, the movie wasn’t about boxing at all; it was about being a man. If I ever meet Sylvester Stallone I would have to shake his hand and thank him for keeping the standard of manhood alive throughout his films. His body of work speaks for itself but there is one scene in the last Rocky that summed it up beautifully when the champ checked his whiny son by telling him the difference between winning and losing. You’re Better Than That – by Rocky Balboa “Let me… [Read more]

Apr 10
Frustrated woman

I have always held the opinion that if you had a choice in your employment ( as in anything above slavery) then you have no place to complain to people about it. To be honest about it, I think this of anything in life; if there is a choice to opt out, then stop whining and opt out! Let me explain further for people sitting in the nose-bleeds; if I work at a bank and hate my boss, during a time where many of the people I know are out of work and unable to get a job much less benefits… the moment I open my mouth to complain about how I hate my job and boss, then I am seen as a whiner. There is a thin line between complaining and whining which is separated by the way it comes off to others. If… [Read more]