Feb 25

morpheus from matrix

It’s easy to go through life on autopilot as a man. In the book/movie The Matrix the protagonist “Neo” is given a choice between a blue pill – which would let him remain clueless and plugged into the illusion of the world, or a red pill which would unplug him and wake him up to the harsh reality of life.

The red pill is the rebellious, hard way of going about things but it bears the greatest reward in true confidence as a man in this world.

The Blue Pill of Manhood

Let’s discuss what it is to be blue pill male in this world. Blue pill living hblue pillas your wife/girlfriend picking out your clothes for you because she thinks you dress terribly; it has you punching a clock for some douchebag that refuses to give you a raise unless you threaten to quit.

Your entire meaning in life is to stay under the radar, smile because people say you look mean when you don’t, dress in bright colors to seem forward-thinking and most of all remain quiet.

The Red Pill of Manhood

Men who have taken the red pill normally arrive at the decision through some bad experiences with life. Some men start out taking it but most don’t; they look at the world, realize what’s going on and decide to stop playing nicely.

red pillRed pill males are confident, heavy testosterone men who will not let modern society trick them into believing that being proudly male is a bad thing. If they wear bright colors it’s because they like bright colors, their wives/girlfriends have accepted their style so they dress themselves.

They smile when they want to… they fight, they get angry, they believe the word misogyny is a buzzword used to suppress male opinion (which it is) and they define themselves.

Admittedly some of the guys who are red pill have gone overboard and have become mirrored parodies of hard lined, man hating feminists, but the majority are just a bunch of guys who are confident, comfortable with manly things and unwilling to let popular culture sway them.

Imagine that… it’s actually abnormal for a man to be comfortable in his own two shoes…

You Think That’s Air You’re Breathing?

So take a look at yourself right now as a man and what motivates your actions in this world. Do you do everything just to get a piece of ass (dressing a certain way, talking a certain way, treating women a certain way) or do you do things because that is how you do it?

Cooch chasers, men who sell out their boys for sex, and men who base their entire being on “what women like” are blue pill zombies. A real man, a confident man does things the way he does them and while he may adjust his habits based on a situation he isn’t defined by popular culture.

Think about this in length my men and realize that life is much more than mediocrity and having sex. Be yourself, exude testosterone, and bellow a battle cry from the top of the highest mountains after tearing your enemy apart with your bare hands. This is manhood, this is the red pill, and if you haven’t taken it yet, then think on it and join us if you want to truly be a man in society.

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  • An interesting take on male society.
    We probably do boil down to two types of men, but i believe that there are other sub-sets beneath this.
    I for example would like to think that I think for myself – I am starting my own company, drive a big car because its comfortable not because I’m a dick (although i could be 😛 ) and I don’t exercise, so I don’t quite fit into the example you’ve put above.
    However, does being a blue pill man make you any worse than a red pill man? Surely there is no shame in doing a 9-5 day in, day out and and staying quiet. Look at Bill Gates – I’m pretty sure Mrs Gates picks those shirts!

    • McThick

      Blue pill/Red pill is not about right and wrong, it’s about choosing your path. I am pretty sure that most guys are going to be a mix (purple?) rather than one or the other. A full-on red pill is usually something of an asshole. While a purely blue pill guy is normally pretty beat down.

      Myself, I would consider to be mostly red. I’ve never been accused of being shy about expressing myself, but I do ask my wife to buy my clothes sometimes…I just don’t have the patience for shopping…and I have terrible taste.

      • For me shopping has to be an ‘In, out, put the kettle on’ affair….

      • Funny thing about that statement is that my lady asked me to come inside the store with her to get some makeup. My response was “I will if you know exactly what you are getting and promise not to browse”. It was a great compromise since we were out of there in 5 minutes.

      • I was dragged food shopping. A trip I considered a 20 min thing took 2 hours – Don’t ask me what happened, I think I blacked out

    • You’re right about the subsets, and I would go even further to say that it spiders down quite a bit since men are extremely varied in both outlook on life and actions. What I was trying to show in this article is that being more rebellious to what society, people, your wife, anybody tells you that you are supposed to do will make you more aware of the Matrix that we live in.

      Blue pill doesn’t make you worse but it makes you vulnerable. I feel the need to encourage my fellow man to choose red given this current climate of men being made out to be rapists, dead beat dads and everything else negative, with little counters being made for the droves of good guys who are none of these things.

      The mainstream ideology in 2013 is largely hostile towards us as a whole and more men need to swallow that Red Pill and stop being ashamed of liking macho things.

      • I totally agree with you! (Before you think i’m not)
        Its interesting the difference between the US and the UK. Over here its not unusual to find women doing things with men because they’re masculine (Like watching rugby or drinking a good beer)

      • You know I’ve been curious if the whole man-hating surge of modern society has infested the UK and I hope it hasn’t. It’s a real mess over here and it gets uglier day by day even between women.

        The problem we have is that while a lot of guys try to help in terms of gender equality, they over-step and start making things out to be bad if they’re macho – even if it has nothing to do with women. That’s where I come in to tell them “go play hero over there bro, but stay out of our sandlot with your posturing.”

      • I totally agree with you, before you think I don’t (My language is rather ambiguous)
        You mention that mainstream ideology is largely hostile towards us as a whole, and our ways, (And I largely agree with this) However, here in the UK I’ve found that more and more of my female friends embrace macho things because they’re fun to do (Like watch rugby and drink beer) Is that something you get in the US? Do women regularly watch Football and drink beer?

        Before you think i’m taking the piss, I’m not. I am genuinely interest to know because I feel it might be a trend against the more aggressive parts of feminism. That or women are trying to inhabit our roles completely and we’re going to become useless….

      • Lots of women over here do that Matthew… well instead of rugby it would be NFL over here Football. Actually at the Super Bowl (the biggest game for NFL) the people we sit with to watch the game is a mixed crowd; many women appreciate macho things… they just aren’t the vocal ones on a war path to clip the balls from the rest of us. Interestingly enough the aggressive types you mention tend to hate women like them… we on the other hand love, date and marry them.

        No worries on the language as I am with you on what you’re asking. We have many varieties of women here and some are beautiful, can slam beer with the best of them and love to fight – think Marian from Raiders of The Lost Ark: Indiana Jones.