May 19

Tales of a Bouncer Series: Clubs aren’t all fun and alcohol – you have thugs, drugs and violence that comes along with it. Hall of The Black Dragon presents the accounts of a Bouncer’s weekly adventures from men who are in the life and have thrown out the lowest of the low.

There was a girl at our Club that had been talking to one of the guys all night but he eventually left and she passed out at one of the tables on the V.I.P. patio outside. It was a busy night and I had my eye on her but nobody else was out there. She had either been given some drugs or she was passed out from too much alcohol but I had no clue. She was a regular at the Club (I’d never seen her like this) and her dad was a police officer who coincidentally was working that night.

Two douchebags approach her and as one looked out for his buddy, the other sits next to her and begins to kiss on her (she was still passed out). Immediately I ran over and pushed the guy off her and asked him what the hell he was doing. Dude says to me “hey man, this is my girlfriend”, knowing him to be full of shit I countered with “no hell she ain’t you don’t even know this girl!” which tips his buddy off to do the typical thing that assholes do in Clubs when their friends get checked by a bouncer and that is to play hero.

“Hey man don’t put your hands on him!” the second douche yells so I grab his buddy, spin him around in a 180 degree arc and plastered his face up against the glass alerting the other bouncers to rush in. The little rapists were not banking on her father being their at the club either, as one of the undercover cops on duty the girl’s father was able to make an arrest and get them the hell out of there. I don’t know if he knew the trouble his little girl had just avoided but it goes to show that it only takes a few minutes of not paying attention for somebody to be felt up, kissed on and even raped right there inside a club.

Tips for Potential Female Clubbers

Don’t take drinks from strange guys, don’t retire with a stranger to areas of the Club that are out of the sight of other patrons or the bouncers, and above all else don’t risk Clubbing by yourself as a woman. There was another time when I cut off some guy dragging a girl out of the Club and asked him if he knew her. The man said he did and asked me to help him take her to his car, it seemed suspicious so I asked him again “do you know this girl?” to which he finally said no and then told me he wanted to go get her some help… ya sure buddy. I helped her instead to a police officer who figured out that she had overdosed on some drugs – probably from the same guy who was dragging her out.

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