Sep 09

I’ve noticed a pattern with certain guys that come to the club and try to hook up with chicks. These guys like to have what I call the “Douchebag Buddy System”. The douchebag buddy system is where you have a little guy that thinks he’s the man, can’t hold his liquor, and is an idiot, comes in loud and leaves the club screaming.

This smaller douche drags his bigger friend to the club with him and they proceed to drink (a lot) and the little douchebag ends up getting into something.

He is either trying to touch up on a drunk girl, get in a fight with bigger guys (Napoleon complex) or taunt one of us bouncers, which is the worst thing you can do.

For a bouncer this guy is always in the corner of our eye because we know his night will not end good. For me I know that there’s a solid chance that I will be escorting him out the door with some violence.

Typically what happens is this guy will cut up and we will go over there to get him to calm down, then his buddy will rush to his rescue. He thinks he’s being noble by sticking up for his friend, but how noble can you be for backing that guy?

This leads to me locking him into a crossface chicken wing (or some other wrestling hold) and another bouncer locking down the big white knight douchebag until the police comes for them.

If you find yourself going to the club often with a little bastard that starts things, I would suggest you find a new friend asap or you’re going to get yourself in trouble or possibly banned from the establishment.

I’ve seen guys get really messed up in the club due to their buddy and not from us bouncers – it’s the no-nonsense gangsters who hang out in there that aren’t in the mood to play with you or that noisy chihuahua fuck you brought in as your wingman.

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