Dec 29

Discussion is worthless if there is no awareness raised, no solutions offered and no steps taken afterwards. It’s for this reason why I dislike many corporate meetings and phone conferences. Oft-time someone is given a soapbox, a microphone and us (their audience) to defecate information orally that we’ve already heard before, know all too well, or have spoken about it a week before. This is the way I feel about blog articles that I come across daily, many aren’t asking questions, they aren’t offering solutions, they aren’t saying anything new… they are just… talking.

This year was a good example of this in the blogosphere as people all ran the same topics week to week without any offerings. One especially tired one was of the single black woman and her quest for marriage. Some writers (myself included), offered up solutions to winning guys like myself over, most bloggers, chose to just bitch about it being written about (how ironic). Another was golf sensation Tiger Woods and the 10,000 snitches he was allegedly sleeping with behind his wife’s back. More talking, yet no-one used that sad situation as a good teaching point to tell us how to keep our mistresses happy and quiet, or how to keep a superstar athlete respectful of his vows. No, people just took the easy route and simply talked about it.

If you want to bring value to your blog then you must make sure that you aren’t part of these circles. You don’t want to just announce the news, you want to announce it with your own voice, put your own spin on it, and offer your readers something to leave your blog with. If I read another blog about single parents being the inadequate catalyst for a dumb generation I will actually grow my hair just to pull it out. SHUT UP ALREADY! What are you, an opinion writer or a parrot for a million other people’s articles? People love and respect the informative, original and fresh blogs of the internet, unfortunately these can be few and far between. So don’t go joining the wave of crap that continues to call itself writing, offer solutions or offer nothing. You will find that more people will respect you for it and it creates better discussion when you actually have a stance.

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