Sep 03

strippers in tampa bay

Sexually repressed, bible beating, old men congregating in the city of Mons Venus can only mean one thing… an uptick in revenue for the ladies of the night. What else do you expect from people who swear by their “conservative” living as hardcore as the blowhards at the RNC this past week? Repressed sexual urges, free-flowing liquid assets, and the need to get some “top” from Tampa’s finest.

Look, I had a buddy do some investigating himself and he reported back that the girls went out to buy iPhone card swipes to accommodate the old senators and such who wanted dat extra time in the Champagne Room (queue the sound of booties clapping to “Bands A Make Her Dance”).

August 2012 was a damn good time to be a stripper!

Sadly for local businesses that were forced to close their doors, the money from the RNC wasn’t distributed nicely across the city… but if you had a private cab service, a track full of sexy stripper maidens, and the means to keep it private and on the low, your strip club saw a spike this past week.

From TMZ:

The manager at Skin Tampa tells us, the club has been sending its hottest girls to the RNC with cards and flyers — offering free entry to anyone attending the convention — and the response has been insane.

The manager says the club’s traffic has exploded thanks to the special RNC deal — and revenue has doubled with it.

Read more:

Whoever said “pimpin ain’t easy” is a damn liar, just pimp where there’s politicians around and you are guaranteed to earn!

So remember folks as you celebrate your chosen runner for an office that having a wife, a church membership and some smooth talking skills does not mean that your representative is above the strip club (and it’s antics). The “conservative” portion of our government was able to spike strip club revenue and if that doesn’t speak volumes then nothing does.

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  • Rob

    It’s so insane that one can only laugh. These dudes preach conservative values at the convention, rallying cries for a more christian american, then head to the strip club to applaud the sarah palin look alike stripper.

    • Rob thanks a million for the Lisa-Ann sauce, you know she’s a Lady Dragon Starlet right? I should have gone down there to take pics with her and get a hug muhahahah. On the serious tip I posted this like I post Eddie Long scandals to show people that hypocrisy is a million dollar business especially when it comes to religion and politics. People claim to vote for “conservative values” when their reps are just as dirty (or more) than we are.