Jan 22

healthy fruit

The path to weight-loss and body building is one that is full of obstacles and the ghosts of ignorance that aim to knock the clueless off to the wayside. The journey is hard and this is why we call it The Road of Kings.

Two of the most painful things that plague the workout enthusiast are Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and Hunger Pangs. Supplementing protein shakes, caffeine powered pills like Hydroxycuts and drinking tons of water can help you to overcome the DOMS and Hunger but so will a fiber-rich diet and proper nutrition.

The following list of snacks will help kill your hunger pangs will keeping you healthy.

High Fiber Cereal with Almond Milk – I could be wrong but everybody loves cereal, you just have to avoid the ones you ate as a child… you know the ones. Find a box of cereal that is high in fiber, low in calories and sitting outside of the popular area. If you need to have the milk from a cow make sure it is Skim, but if you want to really keep it low on the damage try some flavored Almond Milk.

Dry Veggies – If you like the taste of raw carrots, celery, cucumbers or zucchini (you get my drift) you can munch on these veggies while you’re at your desk. The reason why they work is due to them being high in fiber while giving you the sensation of eating.

Cheese – Yes sir all of the cheeses when used as a moderate snack will boost your levels of calcium and protein; just remember that this is a snack so don’t go slamming mac n cheese thinking that the cheese is enough to make it healthy. The types of cheese you want are string cheese, cottage cheese (mix in some fruit) and Swiss is good too.

Canned Tuna – I personally swear by this but make sure to get the kind that is in water and not that nasty oil. Tuna has so many uses and has stats that make it pretty much godly (all protein little of anything else). Pack it up from home in any form you can manage – open-faced whole wheat bread sandwich, tuna salad, or even dry (for you hardcore titans).

Hummus – Mmmmm I love this stuff, get yourself some high-fiber crackers, a thing of hummus and throw them in the fridge at work to snack on. Hummus is packed filled with protein and is extremely tasty even by itself.

Natural Peanut Butter –You can spot this stuff by the thin layer of oil that sits on top of it in the jar. Don’t worry it still tastes good; purchase it, mix it up, and use it instead of the standard brand of peanut butter. I don’t have to tell you how to make peanut butter work as a snack right? I didn’t think so but if you are on the Road of Kings, try the natural stuff.


Pistachios – Don’t let the fat fool you, that’s that good fat! Actually the fat from pistachios is so space-aged that it helps to fight heart disease and all sorts of other nastiness. So get a jar of pistachios to sit next to your keyboard, and when the cravings begin to kick in just pop a few and call it a day.

Fruits – These sugary gifts of the gods of nature are practically forced upon us yet we avoid them in lieu of factory-made, lab-infused, unnatural sweet things that are packaged and sold all over. Do yourself a favor and make buying fruit a common, weekly occurrence. They may not last long but if you are actively eating them then it will only benefit you!

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