Mar 14

Nobody is putting fat men on a pedestal

Since pretty much forever, there’s been all types of people. Some skinny, some fit, some with a little extra, some straight up fat. As the centuries have progressed, that last group has been increasing its numbers. Now that a lot of us sit in comfy chairs all day and eat our food from packages, it’s pretty easy to understand how there’s just more fat people around in general.

Up until recently there’s really been no change in how fat people are viewed. So lets see, usually when you see some extra heavy person walking around, there’s certain things that go through the average mind. Some of those may be “lazy”, “lacks self control”, or even a simple “gross”. Hey guess what? those are valid thoughts. They’re not universally true of course, but they’re about as true as seeing a fit person and thinking “active”, “self controlled”, and “hot”. It’s OK to admit how you think about people. It’s just natural.

There’s been a new, weird trend regarding fat people that is floating around the social media world lately. There’s two main parts of it that are, quite frankly, pissing me the fuck off.

The first one is fat shaming. I don’t think anyone should be an asshole and berate a person just because they’re overweight. However, telling someone that maybe they should eat less and exercise more is completely legit, if you’re a close friend to that person. It’s just being a good friend that wants to see someone be happy. Yes, I said happy.

Part of this anti fat shaming trend is body acceptance. You’re supposed to be happy with your body no matter what it looks like. No matter what size it is. Well, I say fuck that. I think people should strive to be their best selves. And if you’re thinking for one second that a morbidly obese person is totally 100% happy with who they are, you’re delusional. If they’re telling you that, then they’re just trying to fool themselves and you.

“nobody gives two shits about fat men”

It’s really an easy concept to think about. If a fat person had a magic potion that they could drink and become fit overnight, how many would turn it down? I’m gonna wager that number is damn near ZERO. So no, you shouldn’t be an outright dick to fat people, but they shouldn’t be promoting it as a perfectly acceptable lifestyle either.

The other thing that pisses me right the fuck off is the fat acceptance sexism. While there’s this huge push to accept fat people as they are, and how fucking beautiful they are, it’s violently sexist. I challenge you to go Google image search “fat acceptance”, or “body shaming”, or hell even “plus sized model”. Yeah go for it. See all those women you get as results? Like, almost all women? That’s because nobody gives two shits about fat men.

When’s the last time you watched some BBM porn? You know, big beautiful males? Oh it basically doesn’t exist? That’s weird.

So I’m constantly seeing these overweight women crying out for fat acceptance, while they’re drooling over the Brad Pitts of the world. Nobody is putting fat men on a pedestal and declaring them beautiful. So congratulations on standing up for something! Yet being a total fucking sexist about it.

So to finish this off, let me tell you who the fuck I am to come out and be so offensive about this. I’m a fat guy. Been a fat guy most of my life. I’ve lost a lot of weight recently, and am going to keep doing so. I’ve accepted the reality of it my entire life. Yeah some overweight women are hot, most fat guys are just seen as disgusting, and that’s life. You don’t have to accept my fat, and I sure as hell am not going to accept it myself. That’s why I’ve finally made big changes in my life. I want to be the best me and don’t expect you to just change your reality so I can live in my little bubble of false happiness. 

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  • LadyTKaat

    Well said. You’ve pointed out some facts a lot of people are uncomfortable with. They needed to be told. As the wife of a morbidly obese man, I see the truth of this every day. He doesn’t want to be fat, and he is trying to lose weight, but people don’t see that. They just see a fat old man. Keep working toward your goals and telling it like it is.
    The Lady T’Kaat of Kaat’s Keep