Apr 30

Today I am going to give some love to my favorite place of refuge from the rat race. Sporting a tasty menu of eats ranging from fat boy caliber to weight watcher friendly, you can take anyone to TGI Friday’s and have a good time. Most importantly for me, my local Fridays prepares the Tanqueray and Tonic correctly. If you ever want to keep me away from your bar or restaurant, just screw up my Tony Sinclair and feel the wrath. Fridays gets it right and whenever I want good food without the price rape, this is where I go.

What does the Dragon order at Fridays?
You know they used to have this kick-ass prime rib salad that had blue cheese and all sorts of other goodies to have me open. Sadly I was in the minority on loving it so they no longer carry it. Now I get the Tuscan Spinach dip as my appetizer being that it is so damn good and for the main course it is either the barbecue chicken wrap or the parmesian crusted chicken (good stuff). The desserts are all sweet as hell and will make you fat, so if being a fatass is your thing then you are safe ordering any of them. For the health nut in you just swap out the potato fries for the tasty sweet potato fries, or get the broccolli.

For you Milf hunters, the herd runs thick here especially at the bar. Come on a Wednesday during Bingo night, cosy up against some rich, lonely 40 something and beat the brakes off it. You can come give uncle Dragon the gory details after… But seriously the bar at TGI Friday’s is a good spot to get a number if you’re a guy and some free drinks if you’re a girl. I highly recommend this place, and they ain’t even paying me for the plug! That’s how much of a Mark I am! Okay I’m done.

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