Dec 11

When I first saw this commercial it brought a big smile to my face as I envied business dad a little bit.

One thing I dig about it is that there is a bit of a mystery going on when you over-analyze it. Actually it becomes better and better the more you watch it; first of all you have business dad who looks like he could be Aaron Rodgers‘ big brother or kin to that dude in Braveheart who was the Lord of York… and then there’s his cute kids who make him a video to watch on his trip then the hot wife that comes over and hands him her own video.

On the surface it makes you smile because you’re like “hot wife is a little freaky… lucky bastard” but his face reads a bit differently to me. Something tells me that Susan at the office has been getting the business from business dad on these trips of his and hot wife found out about it. The Dad look really surprised so it may just be one of those “gotcha” videos of hot wife getting it on with next door neighbor, pool boy, pizza boy, or… whatever.

Then again I have a wild imagination so you can take it for what it’s worth.

Take a look at this awesome ad for the Samsung Galaxy S III and form your own conclusion. Sex sells, but when it’s done as classy as this one you have to give props where it is due.

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