Oct 15


There are certain things that we men do assuming that it’s cool but to the rest of us watching it comes off as either corny or trying way too hard to be taken seriously. Try not to be caught profiling too hard, or faking it till you make it… obviously. I understand that many men march to the beat of their own drum and I love and support that, but what I don’t find impressive is when I see my brothers doing things that should have been abandoned in their teenage years. Even worse is perpetuating a lifestyle or level of income that you don’t have. Now many of you may disagree with these things not being a “good look” but I can argue that most men feel the same way that I so. The following list is a number of things men do that aren’t a good look:

1. Profile The $50 Watch

Watches are an accessory that can only be appreciated by fellow watch aficionados, so when you ride in your car with your wrist out of the window so that everyone can see your timepiece you are wasting your time. It is also a bad look to play with your watch so that others notice it when they engage you in conversation. If someone admires your watch and knows it’s brand and value they will tell you; nothing else will influence that response, trust me.

2. Cat Call Girls To Impress Your Boys

If cat calling has worked for you in the past then more power to you but if you’re doing it because you have a number of fellas around you and you want to look like the pimp of the crew then you are looking bad. If you’re going to be a street caller, do so to get a number and some feminine attention, don’t do it to earn man points… you won’t.

3. Buy/Wear Things Because Rappers Hype It

Let me guess, you were wearing Tom Ford way before Jay-Z made a song by that name… and you posted a selfie of yourself laying down in the back of a car that looks a little like a Bugatti to impress your Twitter followers…. There is nothing cool about monkeying a rapper if you are an adult. It’s one thing to be inspired by a man’s style but buying everything they promote is just not a good look.

4. Cars Driving By With The Booming System

What is this 1994? Now maybe the guys who do this aren’t the type to care what some stupid blogger has to say but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s annoying and juvenile as hell. Maybe this is something exclusive to the South? Who knows, either way – stop it.

5. Make It Rain Then Collect The Bills

I saw this at a strip club and it blew my mind. A couple of young guys–who probably saw rappers doing it–came inside the club with a wad of singles and threw them up into the air in order to “make it rain”. Well that’s cool, we were all having a good time… but how about these dudes scrambled after the bills to collect them after throwing. You would think it was funny to witness but none of us were laughing because it pissed off the strippers. Who wants a dance from a pissed off stripper?

6. Taking Lots of Selfies

I think this is self-explanatory but I know that many of you young guys get caught up in the social media hype and take every opportunity to snap pics of yourself in your gear. This activity is very popular with men who are into fashion, it’s a bit ridiculous but for some reason they don’t see how crazy it looks. Hand someone the camera to snap your brand new silk tie and sports coat combo and stop taking bathroom mirror shots. Most of us have this guy on our Facebook friends list, none of us are impressed with him. Do not be him.

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Pulling out a stack of bills to pay someone a few dollars.
  2. Do man shit in front of women, ie: spit, adjust balls, blow snot rockets….
  3. Comment desperately on pretty women’s photos online.
  4. (You tell me)
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