Feb 16

Many times on this site we present a side of macho that is super traditional and biased in its stance. The idea of “man” that we normally present is mistaken for the brawler athlete jock who goes to parties, gets the cheerleaders and grows up to inherit daddy’s company. We realize that it can be seen that way but it is far from the ideal that we want and that ideal is to give you that James Bond edge. I don’t mean the Roger Moore slapping women and taking the booty swagger but a bit of that Sean Connery / Piers Brosnan flair.

Since it’s hard to explain to a person how to channel Bond without him trying to actually “be” Bond, we offer you some steps to get you close to the ideal for which we strive. The 007 Steps of Cool will put you on a higher level of the game in being cultured, dangerous and sufficiently charming.

001 – Vodka Martini Shaken but not Stirred (Drink Preference)

A drinking man should have his preference, know why it is his preference and order it whenever he is at a place of spirits, bird-watching and possible dancing. If a Martini is your drink, you should know what Gin or Vodka you like in it, dirty or bare, dry, fruity whatever. Having a trademark drink denotes confidence and that can work out for you in more ways than one.

002 – It’s All in The Tuxedo (Own A Suit)

Men of substance should own suits (at least 1) and actively wear it when the occasion arises. A nicely tailored suit is the best since you don’t feel like you’re wearing a dead walrus on your shoulders and please for the love of god keep the buttons to a maximum of 3 (you won’t ever be buttoning it anyway). I won’t go into detail about the look and feel of a nice suit but if you need help then many of the clerks in the stores that you buy them in are knowledgeable enough to help you out.  Trust me, if you want a woman to wipe you down (smoothing the front of your chest) then do like Bond, wear the suit.

003 – Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys? (Gadgets)

We’re talking smartphones, tablets, space-aged watches, you name it, a man can really dazzle the airheads when he has something space-aged that he’s tapping away on that she has never seen before. Careful not to become a fad chasing dunce like most people are, it’s not just enough to have the gadgets but you need to know how to operate them fully. Q kept Bond up to speed in the latest and greatest and they were always handy to get him out of a spot. So will that cellphone when the need draws near.

004 – Ohhhhhhh James (Sex Game Strong)

If you are a failure in the bedroom you had better hope that you have or have had women in your life to tell you this and possibly help you to improve on it. On the other hand if you are a maestro in the horizontal mambo then you are well on your way to that James Bond cool. This is of the ultimate importance for a man being that your size, performance and reputation can be easily crushed by a woman with loose lips (no pun intended).

005 – World Travel (Jet setting)

How boring is it to stay in your own neighborhood, city and country all the time? Talk about “settling down” if that doesn’t say it I don’t know what will. A man of mystery wants to travel and see the exotic birds that the world has to offer. It’s about having a spirit of adventure, feeling claustrophobic when you’re in one place too long and making home a place to touch down not a place to settle. The world famous spy 007 didn’t become “world famous” by doing his work in England, no he got the moniker for being all over the place!

006 – Scholarship (Eternally Learning)

A spy has to learn to adapt and blend into his environment and one cannot do that by going elsewhere and asking if anyone there speaks “American”. No it comes with knowing where you will travel to, doing some research, attempting to learn customs and the language and embracing the culture as part of the experience. Our brains have a very vast capacity of memory so why not exercise the lazy parts by learning another language, a form of dance or something cultural that isn’t your own?

007 – No Mr. Bond I Want You To Die! (Self-Defense)

If a man cannot protect himself then how will he ever be able to rescue a damsel in distress or prevent a drunk douchebag from disrespecting her? There are many avenues of self-defense out there, some over-saturated (MMA) and others more exotic (traditional Kung-Fu). Whatever it is, just remember that you are never too old to learn how to bite back when bitten. Worst case purchase a handgun and take it to a range regularly to learn how to pull and deploy it without shooting yourself. It’s all about self-sustainability… just like James.

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