Jul 20

Mind Your Business And Tell Nobody!

Seriously I know that most people have the urge to tell the world of their new found wealth because of the power and prestige they think will come with it but this is the worst thing that you can do.

Imagine what would happen if you were in a world void of water and your family found a tiny oasis only capable of keeping you alive. What do you think would happen if you announced to everyone that you have it? Not only would every person that barely knows you show up to beg for water but they will never believe you once you tell them that you ran out. Eventually after everyone is aware you have it you will be robbed.

man and woman with moneyPeople are stupid when it comes to money, absolutely stupid. They will never understand why you won’t pick up the tab, loan them a grand, forget their debt, etc., etc. Young people especially; if you are in your 20’s then most of your friends will have absolutely no knowledge or respect for money so why tempt them?

The number one reason for athletes and celebrities going broke is other people. Financially intelligent people don’t let emotion melt away their assets so do the same and keep it gangster. Family is one thing but announcing it on Facebook or Twitter is just flat out careless.

Long Money is Strong Money

The same philosophy must be had for those who have a accrued a large amount of money in savings over time. Never, ever divulge how much you have saved or you will be scrutinized or made into someone’s personal AMSCOT for a long time. Do you know what happens when someone with only $1000 gets a glimpse of your bank account and you have $80,000? They get emotional!

Emotional people will spread your business on the street and it will be just as bad as you announcing it to everyone yourself. This is why you have to lock your pockets and hide your bank account from prying eyes.

If you see yourself coming into money anytime soon, or even down the road for one reason or another I would urge you to make plans for it right now. Write it all down; figure out who would be let in on your secret and study up on how to maximize your efforts so that you keep it.

Look into the memoirs of past Lottery winners and the mistake of having it broadcasted to the world. Not only do you risk robbery and scam artists, but you also risk losing your life. I say again – people are stupid when it comes to money. This is an old ninja secret that people have known since currency was invented – the person who keeps it quiet tends to keep it the longest.

Just be smart about things and keep your money on a “need to know basis”. Even with small change you should follow this golden rule. Keep it gangster and lock your pockets from the invading horde.

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