Dec 09

Being that I have gotten this question a number of times from people who see me tap tapping away on the Berry, I thought it would be useful to detail my favorite apps and what I use them for.

The primary use of my Blackberry besides ignoring calls is to text, blog and do accounting. As a small business owner I do find myself bouncing around quite a bit and I need my Blackberry to look at websites, expedite orders and check my accounts for any funny business. I have found my job to be easy with this phone and the following apps have been an enormous help in my day to day activity.

1. Bank of America (Free) – This is my bank (boo and hiss all you want) but for all their sucking, their app is actually pretty damn good. Not only does it use a smooth sliding interface that is very intuitive and most importantly fast!

2. WordPress (Free) – I’ve gotten so used to writing that I need my ideas posted as soon as they come up or risk the chance of losing them forever. The WordPress app let’s you store login info for all of your blogs (even self-hosted ones), you can write and edit posts, pages and manage comments almost as well as you can from a PC. The only downside is the text-editor is the HTML variation so if you are looking for formatting you will have to learn the basics or save a draft to edit on a PC later on.

One of the coolest features on it is the ability to keep drafts locally on your phone to upload in whatever status you need them to be on WordPress. I typically save local drafts of my ideas, update them whenever I get breaks between my daily runs and then publish them as drafts to my blog. This app has made life a lot easier for me in terms of blogging and has helped me keep my 5 a week schedule running smoothly.

3. MyFitnessPal (Free) – Meathead here and I am one of those calorie counting go-hards that your girlfriend warned you about. has been a breath of fresh air for keeping track of my calories, progress, goals, and limitations, allowing me to get back the time I used to burn calculating that stuff. The app is smooth and it functions just as well as their website in memorizing my foods, knowing how much I last weighed and scolding me when I haven’t logged in for 3 days. The team behind the app and site run updates frequently so it is always ready whenever I need to track if I’m able to eat a muffin or not.

4. Endomondo (Free) – As a runner and weight-lifter, Endomondo allows me to not only track my distance, speed and calorie burn but it allows me to compete with other fitness people around the world. The website behind the app has contests going monthly to help us fat bodies stay on track with our fitness goals. Beyond running, I have used Endomondo to tell me how many calories I’ve burned doing martial arts weightlifting and even flag football. If MyFitnessPlan is my virtual dietician, Endomondo is my pocket coach.

5. UberSocial – While I don’t get to tweet a lot, when I do I require the need to be one of the 3 sites I represent. The biggest value I have found of this wonderful app is the ability to switch accounts on the fly. Not only can you set up multiple accounts but you get access to UberSocial’s unique channels that do all the filtering for you if you’re interested in a particular subject. I’m gonna be honest here and purists won’t like it but UberSocial is better than the native Twitter… There I said it. I can put people on mute who spam (they will never know), I get notifications instantly when I’m mentioned and tweeting is 100% easier from it. OH! I almost forgot, it let’s me skin it in whatever look/feel I prefer… Right now I’m going green. This is an excellent app for twitter lovers.

6. PayPal (Free) – Nice sliding interface, fast, extremely handy and a necessity if you’re the Don of the family that has to dole out “gifts” on the fly. I use this app to supplement my eBay trading along with paying my dues to my Fantasy league and whatever else necessary via PayPal.

7. Go Reader (Free) – As a blogger I need to be in talks with the world constantly. This means that I need to be taking in more than I dish out, and I dish out a lot! 3 blogs don’t run themselves (yet). So how do you keep up to date with your fellow bloggers on the information super highway? RSS my dear friends and my favorite RSS reader is by Google and it is replicated perfectly by Blackberry’s Go Reader. It’s remarkable that it’s free being that it does tons more than the paid RSS readers out there. I can scan subscribed articles, view em fully if I so choose and leave them open if I want to save them. This is a cool app for you readers out there, don’t forget to subscribe to the Hall. You may just miss something if you don’t!

8. Memory Booster (Free) – Not much to say, you eat up resources opening and closing the apps on Blackberry without a good firm battery pull once in awhile. Memory Booster goes out and reclaims those resources and speeds up your Berry like nobody’s business. If you run into sluggish periods once in awhile on yours, I would suggest this app.

9. QR Code Scanner Pro (Free) – Well these things are all over the place so you need a good app to read them and the QR Scanner does just that. While I don’t do this often it is there when I need it.

10. Evernote (Free) – Make yourself an Evernote account and gain the ability to share documents and voice notes between your Berry and PC. For bloggers this is invaluable for taking some notes to put into action later on.

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