Jun 07

Every Man’s 10-Point Scale is Different

One man’s deuce (2) is another man’s dime (10) I will say that until I am blue in the face because it’s true. It’s very subjective, so when you hear a man refer to a number – he means it according to his flavor or taste. While there are some women out there who occupy a well rounded (7-8) status amongst 90% of us men, the vast majority will fluctuate based on who you are talking to.

So with that being said, let us evaluate what each number means. See men may disagree on who gets what score but we generally agree on the meaning of each number. Have you been called a dime before, or an 8? Look over this list to see what it truly means:

Top-Tier Beauties by Definition (6-10):

10 – Dime: The epitome of the perfect woman for that particular man. She has the body, the fashion and the look of perfection, worthy of worship and only few men will attempt to court her due to the elevated status. ie: “Meagan Good’s a Dime! That’s wife material right there!”

9: This number is barely ever used but is normally given to a Dime that has an issue that the man can’t look past. Typically if a Dime isn’t smart and talks a lot she gets downgraded to a 9.

8: Most women who are considered “cute” fall into the 8 category. It means that you are beautiful but not drop-dead gorgeous. No man will turn you down but no man will chase you either; you’re above average, the type of gal we marry since Dimes are considered unstable and “crazy”.

7: Just like a 9 is a Dime that has disappointed her admirer, a 7 is an 8 that has done the same. If you’re an 8 who tries to act and diva it up like a Dime then you are a 7. While it isn’t a low number it drops your desirability down a tad.

6: This number can be tricky being that it has 2 uses. The first is to describe a very average looking girl that is cute enough but pretty plain or regular. Many times beauty comes with features that a man finds exotic, a 6 has no exoticism whatsoever. The second use is for a potential 8 who dresses down immensely and since she isn’t a “natural beauty” the guys with no vision will see her as oddly plain. Sanaa Lathan in Love and Basketball comes to mind.

Low-Tier Beauties by Definition (1-5):

5: You are not exactly unattractive but the man holds absolutely no attraction to you. Many times men will sleep with 5’s but you will never hear a man brag or admit to doing it. 5’s are the good looking girl’s plain side-kick, the legendary grenade that made the wingman position so popular.

4: The pattern I notice with 4’s who would have been 6’s is that something tips the balance. She may be pretty in the face with an undesirable body, or vice versa. This is one of the most unpopular numbers you hear from a man and only guys who break out their mathematical analysis will use it. Guys who come off the top with a score will not typically say 4.

3: This is a nice guy’s definition of a 1. The man saying it is too nice to bottom ut a woman’s look on the scale so he throws her 2 points just to be nice. So for all sense and purposes a 3 is a 1 but she is definitely not a deuce.

2 – Deuce: Being called a deuce is by no means a compliment, quite the opposite actually but there is a mysticism behind the name. Many men sleep with deuces and will even brag about it since it comes with infamy if a man is known for “bagging deuces”. Method Man had a famous line on his album Tical where he says “I told the boy, if you can’t get yourself a 10, the least you can do is pull out five 2’s”. The reference is based on having a flock of deuces matchup to a single dime piece. Again don’t shoot the messenger, this is just a definition of the scale.

1: A woman has to try really, really hard to become a bottom scraping 1 because men default unattractive women to being Deuces. A 1 is a deuce that has no redeeming qualities, she has no cute mannerisms, her voice is grating and she’s probably not that witty or interesting. A deuce with a personality gets elevated everytime, but a deuce that you cannot be around is a 1.

I know, I know, men suck and this article is mean-spirited and blah, blah, blah, but if you are lucky enough to hear what some dude scored you, the list above should say enough. Deuces… no pun intended.

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  • LOL!!! You didn’t give every number an actual definition! Hilariously dope!!

  • Siren

    I give the article a 2….I’m being generous. Your writing skills are laughable. FYI to any men reading this dribbled fluff is that the only men who likely use this scale are the insecure ones that feel the need to size up women. Men who feel the need to scale or size women are normally those who lack it. Think on that….yeah that’s exactly what I mean. Hmmm the author seems particularly concerned with scale.