Jul 02

Rule #26 (White Knights):
Men are protectors by nature, being the construct of the God of War, we feel it necessary to protect Venus’s tribe from themselves and other males. That being said, unless you know the woman OR the abuse goes beyond verbal towards physical, you should probably mind your own business when it comes to other people’s business. When a man tries to be Captain-Save-A-Ho conveniently when another male has gone savage, he is using opportunity to garner favor from the female. There is a difference between protecting someone from harm and scamming on some ass via slighting another guy. If the intent ends up being the latter, then you are white knighting for pussy and therefore breaking one of the most fundamental Man Laws. Mind your own business and go get your own lady.

Rule #27 (Pride):
I will use a verse from Nas to explain the aspect of pride in the Man Laws:
“How’re you a man waiting for the next man to get rich? Your plan is to stick out your hand real quick? So if he feeds your family and he serves you shit, then he needs that head you’re getting and he deserves your bitch” – From Still Dreaming by Nas and Kanye West.

It’s simple, men need to be prideful and enterprising, it’s in our blood to survive and overcome. To lay dormant and docile while your buddies make their living in hopes that they will help you is some serious asshole shit. Check yourself because you are not being a man at all with this behavior. You shame us all Mr “handout”, how about you take that $100,000 gift from your NBA friend, flip it into $500,000 and pay him back his money so that he sees you as an equal once again. Real men don’t take handouts, we take loaners and favors. It’s a pride thing, no excuse me, it’s a man thing.

Rule #28 (Soap Box):
No man should denounce the entire man race publically to garner favor from women. Saying things like “Why must these dudes objectify the women!” on a social network outlet may get you attaboys from the birds on your friends-list but it will get your balls cut off by your slighted friends who read it. If you find yourself doing this, look to an alpha male for aid in growing your balls back. While you may lie to your wife/girlfriend about how you disagree with men during pillow talk, doing it publically is like announcing to the world that your balls have been removed.

Rule #29 (Boundaries):
Sometimes a man has a booty call that he can rely on every week or so to come over when summoned. If ever the booty call ends up in a relationship a man should cut off communication unless she wishes otherwise. If you find yourself stalking the girl or doing things to jeopardize her relationship in hopes of placing her back in booty call status then you are breaking a Man Law. Be a man and call the next chick up on your “hit” list. Real men don’t cock-block and getting between your ex “piece” and her dude is a violation.

Rule #30 (Gossip):
Let’s be honest here, most men gossip more than women. When people chat it is quite easy for the conversation to drift unto what your buddy and his girlfriend did that everyone hasn’t heard yet. It’s a flaw of the tongue and the tongue is dangerous if allowed to roam free. This has got to be one of the hardest man laws to keep, gossiping does no-one any good including yourself. When your fellow man knows that you are a gossiper he will hesitate in trusting you with any information and this can have detrimental repercussions.

What if your man is getting ass from a prostitute and she steals his stuff and leaves him stranded in an alley somewhere? Him not able to call his supposed best bud for fear of the entire clique finding out about it? No you don’t want to not be there for your buddy so zip your tongue and keep your conversation to sports, women and vehicles.

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