Sep 24

Rule #36 (A Man’s Code)
All men should have a code, it is optimum in living by principles and having people learn your principles and respecting you for having them. When you live life freelance and do things however you feel within the moment, it will appear that you are chaotic, unpredictable and untrustworthy. The most memorable and powerful men in life have codes, we know of those codes because they exemplified them throughout their living years. We emulate men such as these and many people will try and copy their ways without fully understanding the commitment needed to doing so. A man must develop his own path, regardless of how borrowed it may be and make a commitment to stand by it for life.

Rule #37 (Word is Bond)
A man without his word is nothing, unless it is a man who lives on an island by himself. People who cannot be trusted to carry through on promises are seldom given second chances. The aspect of trust extends beyond relationships with a woman or family members, trust is everything when it comes to social interaction. To not have trust is to be removed from the exclusive Club of extensions and consignment, it means a cold, lonely existence for you and the worst thing beyond this is to develop a reputation. Men who are passed off as snakes, rats and all sorts of dirty, low-life vermin are shunned by people even before a proper introduction is made. Yet who’s to blame them? Nobody wants to end up being a patsy to a low-life that has no qualms with reneging.

A proper man keeps his name and honor intact beyond measure. This goes into any enterprise even criminal organizations. If you have a shoddy reputation then you will suffer for it. Be renowned as a man of your word and doors will magically open wherever you go. This is the simplest and basest of all Man Laws but strangely enough many men forget it. Your name and your reputation is EVERYTHING.

Rule #38 (Moderation)
When it comes to being a man things should be taken in moderation. To be obsessed with anything (especially vices) including sex is a flawed trait. When you become obsessed and too excessive with something you lose your soul. Nothing shows weakness more than an alcoholic, drug addict, cooch hound (sex addict) or chain smoker.  Anything that is taken in excess shows the weakness of a man.

Rule #39 (Real Men Have Rules)
Any male who says “I really don’t care about the man laws” or any variation of this is not a man. No arguments or discussions needed, they are hopeless and beyond help.

Rule #40 (Energy)
Men should do their best to be about things, whether it is making that money or working diligently at one’s passion. Artists should be beating the canvas, the ivory or the marble, businessmen should be conducting business and mechanics should be building or fixing. There is nothing more worthless than a slothful man. Being a lay-about or having the appearance of a sleepy, bored individual is not macho. Sadly this latter “look” is perpetuated by the youth of today in their flip-flops with socks, pants to their ankles and slow gait outside of running from the police. It is good to remember that time waits for no man.

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