Oct 29

Rule #41 (I Saw Her First):
When a hot woman is spotted by both you and a friend simultaneously, it is the duty of the second man to take notice to ask “are you going to talk to her?” This is a courtesy to the other man in order to prevent the breaking of Man Law #7 Cock Blocking. If the friend says yes then he is given a chance to go over and talk to the lady in hopes of success. Should the friend fail or take longer than 5 minutes to get over to her then all rules are out the door and you had better pounce on her before she escapes.

Rule #42 (Ownersip):
Men take ownership for slights in times of necessity. This sin’t to say that men tell on themselves at every single juncture, but in times of dire need a man will take the bullet for family and loved ones. No man stands aside while his beloved are cut down due to a fault of his own – a man will do a stint in prison for his child. It goes along with that protector crown we so inherit, take ownership of your mistakes and at times the mistakes of your people. It is the manly thing to do.

Rule #43 (Friendship):
A good man does not surround himself with douchebags unless he himself is a douchebag. A man should strive for a fellowship of like-minded individuals who respect the laws of man and will do nothing to drag him down from his code of conduct. Even if your best friend is a contrarian to your life and you like him that way, make sure that he isn’t someone that you will end up shooting for violating your trust.

Rule #44 (Laughter):
Men should have self control; this extends to speech, response and yes even laughter. To people outside of your circle raucous laughing, cackling or over-the-top giggling will make you appear idiotic. It is okay to have a good time but in places where you value your image, be careful with your bursts of laughter.

Rule #45 (Eye Contact):
Regardless of intent, when a man avoids eye contact with another man in American culture, it is deemed as a sign of weakness. No matter how much you respect a man, or how high above he is within your corporate structure, look him in the eye when you speak. To look at the floor when talking to another man is a violation of the man law, if you aren’t used to it due to shyness then it is a thing that you must master.

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