Dec 10

Rule #46 (Goals and Achievements):
A man should live everyday fully as if it were his last but not at the detriment of his life or future goals. Expect to live long enough to achieve your goals but take it one day at a time. This does not have to be paradoxical and will lead to a better demeanor and a more meaningful existence.

Rule #47 (Decision Making):
Important decisions should be made only after one has had time to meditate on the situation. Consider the pros and cons of what you must do and make a decision on diplomacy versus direct approach. Take yourself out of the equation and judge things as a god would, putting the situation first and yourself last. Talk it over with people who have already been through it or that you deem wiser than yourself and make sure that you are firm in your decision. Once you have decided then be a man and stand firmly by it.

Rule #48 (Speaking Up):
When a friend or loved one is doing or saying something that will be detrimental to yourself or him/herself then within reason you should say something to them. Listen mostly but never hesitate to say something in times of need. If you are of leadership stock then inject important feedback always, even when you feel slighted by another Alpha.

Rule #49 (Growth):
Every day a man should look to improve himself whether mentally or physically. This should be done through tireless physical training, reading or listening to the older men. Through this a man should not look down on a lifelong student in any discpline but should encourage him/her to better the world through application of that knowledge.

Rule #50 (Cool as A Cucumber):
It does no good to panic and make decisions in a frantic type of way. As a man you should be a pillar of strength and you should take your position seriously, so the appearance of shock will only spread the panic. Do the shock absorption mentally, make decisions quickly but fairly and treat things lightly no matter their emergency. A cool individual is the greatest aid to a crisis and your decisions will be more respected than that of a flailing mad man barking orders. Take the hardest decisions lightly and take the most trivial of matters seriously. This will earn you respect.

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