May 07

Rule 06 (Urinals):
Unless you actually know a guy (really well) and can’t wait to say something to him, starting up conversation while you both handle your junk at a urinal can be viewed as hostile behavior. Just wait until you are washing your hands or out in the hallway. Stall sessions may not apply…

Rule 07 (Cockblocking):
It is never okay to cockblock another man while he is scamming on a female. This rule is one of the most violated and misunderstood due to the fact that many men lose their morals around attractive women. Wait your turn or scoop the hawte up after the preceding guy has failed, to cockblock midgame can result in bodily harm. If your buddy is a known cockblocker, it is your duty to warn your other single male friends; so that time spent partying with the guy is limited.

Rule 08 (Guy’s Night Out):
When a party, get-together or occasion is proclaimed by the host as “guys only”, the offender that totes along girlfriend or wife is to be banned from future occasions. The only exception to this rule is if the female brought to the “Guys Only” event is a paid stripper, escort or porn star. If you aren’t man enough to attend one of these events without bringing your better half, then do the manly thing and just stay home.

Rule 09 (Protection):
If you are a straight male, there is absolutely no excuse for picking up a box of condoms while in the company of another man at a convenience store. No matter how “last minute” it is, or how “convenient” it is to remember to buy them. Make a solo trip after or send the woman back to grab them if you have to. Buying a pack of condoms with your buddy there at the register with you is putting him in an awkward position and violates the code of respect between males. Buy condoms on your own time, or make it an event when your woman is present.

Rule 10 (Arguing):
There’s something to be said about a man and a woman having a shouting match in public. While the female will seem angry and out of sorts, the man will just look like a bitch period. There is absolutely nothing cool about a guy arguing verbally… worse yet if he is arguing with another male. Most men will feel like “hey princess one and two, why don’t you all just fight and get it over with or shut the hell up”. If you need to reprimand the wife, or verbally abuse her, save that crap for the privacy of your own home. Men who argue in public look like punks, just say no doing this.

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