Aug 24

olympic man hug

Rule #61 (Support):

In times of need and heart break it is necessary for a man – as a friend, to step up and lend support. This is normally a need brought about when a friend has split with his lady or kicked out of the house due to infidelity (by either party). A man must lend a hand whether this is done through taking the injured male to a strip club, or just talking it out over drinks; it is a man’s duty to be available.

While being as manly as possible is part of the warrior’s way,  being a supportive friend is an even bigger part. If a friend decides to come out of the closet about his homosexuality, a man should not only show support but continue to treat said friend as a friend. This does not mean that a homophobic man should pretend to be okay with being supportive of a gay friend, but respect and friendship is what a man offers to any friend in a tough situation.

Rule #62 (Point Em Out):

Regardless if a man is married, single or pushing 80, it is part of the code that a beautiful, sexy woman be pointed out to the other males in the vicinity. Keeping the sexy to oneself can be viewed as devious, sneaky and ultimately selfish. This goes especially for men who know their fellow man has a “type” and that “type” happens to walk by.

Customary phrases for alerting a man to his particular taste of woman are:

  • That’s all you Greg…
  • There goes Greg Kryptonie…
  • Psst, yo Greg, at 3 o’ clock coming towards us (with the hand covering the mouth).

As men we like to help one another, especially when it comes to the game and gaming chicks. We’re just wired like that and it isn’t right to fight it.

Rule #63 (Spilling The Beans):

It’s never okay for a man to gossip about another man’s infidelity in the presence of women even when the other man is not a friend or an enemy. Some men will do this in hopes of turning a woman away from her man and into his arms but it is a terrible violation of the Man Laws. It is one thing to mention the indiscretions of an enemy but to go on and on about it in a gossipy way is not man-like and therefore a violation.

Rule #64 (Gym Etiquette):

It’s not for a man to stand with other men in the nude and compare packages or to observe and report for humor. Locker rooms, showers, weigh-ins, you name it; there will be times when men will see other men nude but feeling self-conscious and feeling the need to “lash out” over it is not part of the man code. We all have the same parts… get over it.

Rule #65 (Spilled Milk):

A man should never masturbate at another man’s house. The only exception to this rule is when accompanied by a female guest whereas all sexual situations are fair game within her presence. This law is written specifically for men who think it is okay to get drunk, crash on a buddy’s couch and masturbate while he’s asleep – don’t be a Savage! If you are going to spread your scum around a house then be a gentleman and make sure it is your own house and not the home of a friend.

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