Mar 19

Do not mistake this for another sophomorish frat-boy list of “rules” that is written for cheap chuckles. The Hall of The Black Dragon’s version of The Man Laws is not of the typical, our rules are the result of years of study, research and principle. To put it short guys, if you follow the laws then you will be a man amongst men, a gentleman’s gangster and a better man. Read and obey the Man Laws.

Rule 01 (Girlfriends):
If asked, your buddy’s girl is both beautiful and funny but she isn’t your type.

Rule 02 (Medal of Honor):
A good friend jumps on a grenade whenever his main man goes in for the kill.
Normally women roll in pairs or more, although birds of a feather flock together, sometimes you may see a diamond with a piece of coal cock blocking all pursuers. At this time a good friend will swallow his pride and provide a distraction via buying the big/ugly chick a drink and chatting her up whilst his friend moves in on the attractive friend. The unattractive woman is dubbed a live “grenade” that a friend has to sacrifice himself on – thus earning the Medal of Honor.

Rule 03 (Omerta ):
What your fellow man tells you stays between you and he unless it is ammo that can be used to ridicule him later. The latter is viable only if it’s not information that could possibly hurt his reputation, ego or marriage.

Rule 04 (Sisters):
If you care anything for your fellow man, whether it be a friend or friends friend, his mother, sister and daughter are off limits to you – unless he offers her up for marriage.

Rule 05 (Loyalty):
When questioned or confronted by a fellow man’s girlfriend as to his whereabouts or reasoning for cheating on her your response must either be “I can’t talk to you about that” or a simple “I don’t know”. Anything beyond these statements is a conflict of interest and an act of betrayal.

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