The 100 Man Laws – Full List

Do not mistake this for another sophomorish frat-boy list of “rules” that is written for cheap chuckles. The Hall of The Black Dragon’s version of The Man Laws is not of the typical, our rules are the result of years of study, research and principle. To put it short guys, if you follow the laws then you will be a man amongst men, a gentleman’s gangster and a better man. Read and obey the Man Laws.

Full Articles on The 100 Man Laws:

1 – 5 (This is Our Thing):6 – 10 (Mano A Mano):11 – 15 (That’s Ghey Dude):
16 – 20 (Warrior Code):21 – 25 (No Bitch Ish):26 – 30 (Balls and Words):
31 – 35 (Shaken Not Stirred):36 – 40 (Men of Honor):41 – 45 (Extraordinary Gentleman):
46 – 50 (Wisdom Logic):51 – 55 (A Friend of Ours):56 – 60 (M.O.E.):
61 – 65 (Point Em Out):66 – 70 (Go Hard): 
  1. Never express or show any interest in another man’s woman.
  2. A real man jumps on a grenade (ugly woman) for his friend.
  3. Never reveal a man’s secrets when it is told to you in confidence.
  4. Never express or show any interest in a friend’s mother, sister or daughter.
  5. Keep your lips sealed about a friend’s infidelity. It’s none of your business.
  6. Don’t strike up conversation with a stranger while using the urinal.
  7. Never cockblock another man while he is scamming on a female.
  8. Do not ever bring your wife or girlfriend to Guy’s Night Out. Ever.
  9. When shopping for condoms do it solo or with woman in tow.
  10. Men having shouting matches in public isn’t manly. Fight or shut up and go home.
  11. Never sneak a peak at another man’s package in the urinal or otherwise.
  12. Do not cross swords in a menage – this can be avoided with the 1 sword per battle rule.
  13. Do not allow another man to slap you in the face without harsh retaliation.
  14. Riding in the car playing slow love jams with a buddy is a violation.
  15. Unless it’s a military canteen you never drink from another man’s can or bottle.
  16. Keep your money and your women completely separated.
  17. Men don’t play match-maker for other friends. It can be the cause of much grief.
  18. A man is sworn to fight with/for a friend if he is jumped by more than one person.
  19. No man should cross his legs deeply. It damages the boys or shows a lack of having them.
  20. Only in a select few situations is it okay for a man to cry.
  21. Men don’t pop their gum loudly.
  22. A man should never run interference on his friend in order to compete for a woman.*
  23. It is never okay for a man to sample food from his buddy’s plate.
  24. Real men do not have to handcuff their women in public.
  25. Men should not own small pets unless they are an Alpha.
  26. No White Knighting. Mind your own business and go get your own lady.
  27. Men need to be prideful and enterprising, not reliant on other men.
  28. No man should denounce the entire man race publically to garner favor from women.
  29. If  a man’s mistress is married he should break it off if he falls in love with her.
  30. Men should not gossip.
  31. You DO NOT buy a woman a drink unless you know her.
  32. Using your friend’s company to act the part of a badass is a violation.
  33. A man should not tolerate being emasculated just because the offender is beautiful.
  34. Compliments paid to another man should be brief and few.
  35. The most manliest of gifts is an envelope of cash. If otherwise keep the packaging plain.
  36. All men should have a code they live by.
  37. A man without his word is nothing. Your name and reputation is EVERYTHING.
  38. Things should always be taken in moderation.
  39. Any male who says “I don’t care about the man laws” is not a man.
  40. Men should do their best to be about things. There is nothing more worthless than a lazy man.
  41. When in pursuit of the same woman, if your friend calls her first you back down.
  42. Men take ownership for slights in times of necessity.
  43. A good man does not surround himself with douchebags unless he is one.
  44. Men should have self control; this extends to speech and laughter.
  45. No matter how much you respect a man,  look him in the eye when you speak.
  46. A man should live everyday fully as if it were his last but not at the detriment of his life.
  47. Men take time to meditate on a situation then once decided stand firmly by it.
  48. Listen mostly but never hesitate to say something in times of need.
  49. Every day a man should look to improve himself whether mentally or physically.
  50. A man should be a pillar of strength and not panic in times of desperation.
  51. Under no circumstances does a man bring a camera to a bachelor party.
  52. When you’re out with another man at a restaurant be sure to pass on dessert.
  53. Men don’t tell other men what to drink.
  54. A bike or bicycle has a one male capacity. Do not violate this rule.
  55. A men’s bathroom is not the place to make new friends.
  56. Never criticize a man’s wife, fiancé or long-term girlfriend in front of him.
  57. To emasculate another man in front of others is a cruel and dangerous thing.
  58. Under no circumstances is it ever okay to take a photo of your penis to send to a man or woman.
  59. Never reprimand or embarrass another man in front of his children.
  60. It is never okay to take a man’s vehicle for a spin without his permission.
  61. In times of need and heart break it is necessary for a man to step up and lend support.
  62. It is part of the code that a beautiful, sexy woman be pointed out to the other males in the vicinity.
  63. It’s never okay for a man to gossip about another man’s infidelity in the presence of women.
  64. It’s not for a man to stand with other men in the nude and compare packages.
  65. A man should never masturbate at another man’s house.
  66. Never get in the way of another man’s money.
  67. Men don’t stare at other men unless attempting to provoke an argument.
  68. It’s against Man Laws to one-up a friend at the job no matter the situation.
  69. Real men do not forget their debts.
  70. Men are either gay, bisexual or straight, there is no “going gay” for someone.