Dec 24

Welcome to the best top (insert number) list of hot women for 2012 on the internet. Our list rocks because, well, we like a lot of women from all different ranges of race, profession, height, you name it. So don’t think this is your standard rundown of Victoria Secrets Models and women who appear on Vanity Fair. No, this list came from THE BOYS, a collective of men who truly represent men and not some writer with a blonde fetish doling out his celeb crushes.

The criteria we based our choices on was popularity, buzz, and the attitude men have towards these women’s looks, interviews, and/or movies and shows that they starred in. This top 15 isn’t here to force a certain hawte down your throat so if your favorite lady didn’t make it don’t take offense. This is the Hall of The Black Dragon’s list of bangers from 2012 and we do hope you enjoy our choices and what we have to say about each of them.

15. Rihanna

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Rihanna - As lovely as this young lady is she should be higher on the list but scandals and bad press just continue to chip away at her hotness for us. Do you agree? Of course you do. The reuniting with Chris Brown, the unclassy Twitter antics, and the drunken concert appearances just keep bring the lovely Riri lower and lower and lower. But that isn't to say that most guys wouldn't wash her feet and shower her with roses just for a chance at some conversation. Rihanna was hot in 2012 and I am sure you all know it.

Quickie List:

15. Rihanna

14. Jessica Pare

13. Hannah Simone

12. Lolo Jones

11. Olivia Munn

10. Lucy Liu

09. Jessica Ennis

08. Naomie Harris

07. Kirsten Stewart

06. Kerry Washington

05. Faith Hill

04. Sofia Vergara

03. Mila Kunis

02. Kate Upton

01. Tika Sumpter

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  • Orlando Bones

    I agree with the full list even the Twilight chick who id bust but the one from Mad Men shouldn’t be on here. Honey got a f…cked up grill and a basic body.

  • Lonnie F

    Never heard of Hannah Simone til this post. She’s fine. I remember Naomi Harris from Ninja Assassin (don’t care for James Bond movies). I’d most co-sign Sofia Vergara because she really blew up. I was a fan before she crossed over. Lucy Liu still looks good and yeah the freckles do her a lot of justice. Being in something culture relevant she looked that much better in Man With the Iron Fists. I used to watch Attack of the Show back in the day and Olivia seemed like a phony and she wasn’t funny IMO. She’s better off this way doing something serious although I can’t co-sign that hair cut. It’s not bad though.

    And Kerry Washington… I’m not knockin her acting, but I think her looks are overrated. She was good in She Hate Me, Night Catches Us, and I Think I Love My Wife.

    Tika Sumpter is definitely fine, but I don’t know what she’s done besides Gossip Girl. But that’s just me talkin. As for the rest, to each his own. I don’t really follow celebrities.