Aug 31

Guy failing hard at a date

Compliments are generally a good idea especially when you are sincere. 

For men in relationships, flattery is important because when the woman gets a new hairstyle she is going to want to know what you think about it.  But even before that she will want you to notice it without her prompting you that something changed about her appearance.

In many cases many men won’t care either way, but letting her know you’ve noticed is an art form.

The Art of Compliments:

The first thing you must do is to take into account the woman’s appearance.  Make sure you don’t generalize it with something stupid like “you’re hot” or “Damn baby you got a lot back there”- those type of statements aren’t going to get you far with most women.

Pick something specific about her, like her hair, or how her outfit looks because that will let her know that you took the time to pay attention.  This should not take you long to do, when you see a woman walking in, give her a quick scan and see what draws you to her, then just go from there.

Once you have selected something, the timing and delivery is important. You don’t want to just walk up to her and say…

“damn, that lace front looks good on you!” 

Get her attention and once she has acknowledged you, say “I really like your hair”, before asking her name and it may seal the deal for you.  The timing is just as important as what you choose to compliment her on, so just trust your instincts and make your move when the time is right.

You have to remember that this is about her and not about how great you are, if you want to impress her and have a chance at getting to know her, don’t approach this selfishly.

The biggest mistake men make here is going overboard on the compliments.

Women can pick up on when someone is being disingenuous, so if you are peppering her with over-the-top compliments then she is going to think one of two things: a. you are just saying that without really meaning it, or b. you are a desperate guy who has never talked to a woman before.

Mastering the art of flattery can help you get the woman that you want, and keep the woman that you are with happy.  Some women may not require flattery to be happy, so it comes down to knowing who you are dealing with as to how effective it will be.

There are many strategies people use when they are dating, and flattery is one that is fairly common.

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