Mar 28

Slave girl Mira slicing through an enemy in Spartacus Vengeance

Don’t let the notion of a “slave girl” fool you, in Spartacus: Vengeance 2012 it is the slave girls who run the show. The three women in our gallery today are she-wolves, they fight like men, love like napalm and are as bloodthirsty as the Roman Arena. So do not think this some soft, girly skin show my boys – these gals bring the pain.

In Spartacus: Vengeance, the gladiators have escaped into the hills away from Roman rule where they conduct guerrilla warfare on the legionnaires in order to free even more slaves to swell their ranks. Due to being outnumbered by their Roman masters, the men are forced to train the women to fight like they do and of all the former slave girls 3 shine like the crown of Apollo. These 3 women are:

  • Naevia, the beloved of the mighty Gaul Crixus – played by the beautiful Cynthia Addai-Robinson and her lovely eyes (oh my God!)
  • Saxa, a Germanic hawte who needed no training to start kicking male ass. She drinks, humps and whoops ass like a true barbarian and is played by the lovely Ellen Hollman.
  • Mira, the resident “ride-or-die bitch” for Spartacus, this girl has transformed from body-slave to Lucrecia into a warrior queen. The lovely hellion is played by the smoking hot Katrina Law.

Gentlemen enjoy!


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