Sep 06

1. Culture

Intelligent women are pretty awesome but a woman that is worldly and knows a lot of little useless facts can make for a great conversationalist. I went out on a date once with standard cool girl and outside of what we were eating I could not vibe with her on any topics. Music – she was only hip to what was on the radio, books – she didn’t do them, travelling? Making trips to and fro from work was about it and anything that was foreign or different, forget about it.

Some people don’t know anything outside of their current city, what was taught to them in High School and what they see on television. If you are a man that travels, reads and actually studies, you may not do well with hooking up with a woman like this. If a woman has closed her mind to learning and broadening her horizons then you are wasting your time with her.

A cultured woman makes a date something magical. You can discuss music theory, the differences between people of different regions, dream trips, foods, wine… I can go on forever. A cultured man isn’t interested in what happened on Basketball Wives last night, or whether or not Jada cheated on Will with Marc Anthony. He wants to learn as well as teach with every conversation and if a woman is incapable of giving in this light, he will quickly grow bored.

2. A Sense of Style

Most men don’t keep up on what’s the new hotness in women’s fashion, but most men like to see a woman dressed in something that brings out her personality. If a man loves a pale, raven-haired beauty with a dark edge, then having her dress like she teaches at Hogwarts is a bit of a turn-on. But on the other hand, having this dark beauty experimenting with crazy colors or frumping it up on date nights may be a problem.

We would never say it but we do take notice ladies. When you have your own personal style it makes things easier and ultimately sexier. We get an idea of what sort of jewelry to buy you (when the opportunity presents itself), which one of our friend’s wives you may actually like and whether or not we would offend you when gifting.

Most cultured women have already established their niche in style so this isn’t a big problem normally. Just like men should already know what their dress code is by age 25, I would assume that women should also.

3. An Open-Mind

Having an open mind means that we can take you out for Indian food (which you’ve never had) and you will be willing to try it twice. Having an open mind means that you won’t go “black people don’t do that shit” when I tell you that I went hang-gliding off of some mountain last year. Having an open mind means that you reserve judgment until you’ve had first-hand experience or knowledge of a particular subject. Closed-minded people are the majority and they are oh so boring.

For the Cultured Girl That Can’t Find a Man

Stop looking for cultured men in bars, Clubs and church. If you want a man that is about something you will need to find him mid-transit, doing the things that you like to do. I have seen so many cute, quirky girls on lay-overs traveling that I cannot fathom how people have a problem hooking up. The women I have met in these situations (wine tasting parties too) are normally engaging, beautiful and friendly.

If you do travel then talk to the guys traveling, don’t wait until your girlfriends make it a manhunt at the Lil’ Wayne concert before you decide to be open to a guy.

We need to shop where we live folks and if you are a Jet-setter then be on the lookout for the single man/woman jet-setting also. If you like art then be on the lookout for a guy admiring the painting that you were just critiquing. Shop where you live, in other words – hookup with people that share in the same passions that you do, or at the very least are open to it. Haven’t you grown tired of civilizing the savage?

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  • Anon

    As a cultured man interested in and involved in many facets of music, words and art, I really found your article to be thoughtful and considerate.

    To many times I have who has often been barking up the wrong tree so to speak. So your article gave me a lot of clarity where I was going wrong. I really like the comment about meeting a cultured lady at events that people go to such a winetasting.

    You article has been a real help.

    Thank you.

    • My pleasure Anon, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.