Feb 04

A beast wolf tears out of the page.

Here at The Hall there is a term you’ll read often within my articles called “blacking out” or “beast mode”. The definition of this term is when you go beyond the norm of your humanity and excel in either one act of greatness or a series of actions. Beast Mode isn’t something you announce or summon at will which is why I refer to it at times as “blacking out”. Beast Mode is when the times get desperate and something clicks in your mind, the time space continuum, and you simply perform without consciousness a feat that is worthy of legend. People greet a beast with questions such as “how in the hell did you do that?” and the answer is normally along the lines of “I don’t know”. Being the best is great but it leads people to belittle your accomplishments, Beasting is when an average guy becomes the greatest ever from one solitary act. So what is beast mode?

Well lets start with the man who made the term extra famous… Marshawn Lynch goes beast whenever he touches the ball – observe:

Beast Mode is…

Getting jumped by five guys and emerging the victor… that’s beast mode.

Fourth and goal, up by six points and reading the fullback draw. You being the middle linebacker running and crushing that fullback down to his knees to prevent the touchdown…

Audie Murphy atop a burning tank wiping out waves upon waves of attacking German troops to protect his fellow soldiers… That’s beast mode.

Tracy McGrady scoring 13 points in 35 seconds… That’s beast mode:

Have you ever been beastly? Do you recall ever blacking out and achieving something phenomenal? Strive for your own personal beast mode. It is the stuff of legends.

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