Dec 21

“Desperation is like a cheap version of a fine scent. Everyone except you can smell it.”

Well that’s what I usually say when I see a desperate girl. Desperate girls come in assorted shapes and sizes, a bit like a box of Roses or Quality Street! You never know what kind of crack case you’re gonna be dealing with unless you unwrap her. (No boys, I DID NOT say undress her).

Women are like a Box of Chocolates

Some chocolate wrappers LOOK amazing and make you want to devour them, some of them look average and taste amazing, there are those that no one wants that get passed around and finally you have the rare chocolate whose wrapper is nice and shiny AND it’s delicious!

I’ve described the categories of women that a man will come across in his lifetime. Some girls are truly stunning, men fall at their feet because of their beauty, but they are really rotten on the inside. Some girls are average looking with a loving heart. Some girls no guy seriously wants because of her “loose character” (how sad is it that a woman is judged by the amount of men she has slept with!) or ugly personality. Then there’s that rare woman whose beauty and intelligence match each other blow for blow. Sometimes when you find this woman, its kind of like finding the last bar of delicious Lindt milk chocolate and thinking “How the HELL has no one bought this yet ?!?” ie: “How is it no lucky man has this woman yet and why is she even single? She’s practically perfect!!”

The Desperate Girl

Now comes the desperate girl. The desperate girl is simply the one who chases men, Men DON’T LIKE and DON’T WANT to be chased, It is as simple as that! It’s a bit like a deer shouting to the hunter: “Me, me, here I am! Shoot me!”. How boring. The desperate girl calls and chases a man, chases the poor guy away. If the dude isn’t into you leave him alone, it’s as simple as that. If the guy likes you (shy or not), he will at some point ask you out. Even if he just wants a shot at seeing how things will go when he’s not sure, he will ask you out. So stop being needy and desperate when you can easily be a woman of allure, elegance and most importantly Class.

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  • “Men DON’T LIKE and DON’T WANT to be chased” <- Many guys are going to read this line and disagree with it, but it's true. Showing interest is one thing but hunting us is another, something about it isn't attractive and the smartest women do it strategically. Sure being in a guy's face constantly is annoying but if you know he shoots pool at 7pm at the same spot every friday then you can do little things like going there once in awhile and let him catch you looking. Trust me, a woman's looks can grow on a guy, especially if you're attractive and if nothing else is going on he will make the move.Desperate women show their full deck of cards to a guy, there is no mystery and it makes us think that she will get crazy if and when we decide to move on. The desperate women get cheated on the most, disrespected, taken advantage of and sometimes it's not even intentional. The men who purposefully go into things with women like this are looking for some easy ass and have no qualms with wrecking her ego.Hell, I had one of these women all over me a few years back and I kept shunning her to no avail, she'd see me and damn near starting humping my leg like a puppy. My own aunt told me to "thug her" (sleep with her once and then vanish) but I couldn't do it, no attraction whatsoever.... and sorry I don't need sex that desperately to be thugging ugly strange. Nah thirsty women aren't cute, just like stuck-up, clueless ones aren't either. Get some game and force us to come at you ladies, Nadia has the right idea in mind.

    • cautiousnautious

      Ignorance is bliss. Generally speaking, women are not desperate. Some are, just like some men are desperate….It’ human to need and want opposite sex companionship. MEN: here’s a hint. Just because a woman looks at you, and thinks you are attractive, does NOT mean she wants you. She may be enjoying the garden without picking the flowers. Or, she may be window-shopping without any intention at the stage of her shopping to get involved. She needs her space. Desperate females are very insecure and “needy” for companionship or actually for reassurance and confirmation of their beauty and worth to a man. They don’t think rationally, but emotionally, selfishly. Stay away from them if you want to keep your sanity, gents! They drive other women to distraction also because confident women fear the clingy woman who will violate morals and ethics to get a ANY man! They crave attention, confirmation, and might even want the man to furnish them with the “high dollar” everything.

  • Nadia

    “and sorry I don’t need sex that desperately to be thugging ugly strange. “…LOL ! Love it !!

    And thanks for having my back on this one. I mean why change biology, right 😉 ?

  • DesertFlower

    Interesting the writer tells women not to be needy and desperate, but yet she doesn’t tell her what she can do not to be that way. Poorly written article that is shaming and at its heart misogynist

  • John

    It’s not hard to avoid women. Just don’t look at them, approach them, talk to them, and for heaven’s sake don’t date them. Just ignore them completely. Men are much better off without women.

  • Dylan Foregger

    I have issue with women’s boyfriends. Jealousy.

  • Oksana Ivashkina

    sometimes men give you mixed signs. So ok i can i ask him out just to get to know him. Is is chasing? i mean if you don’t wanna meet me then tell me upfront. These games are just so immature