Aug 19

Editor’s Note: This is a controversial topic that I myself (Greg Dragon) have always wanted to tackle, especially with the mainstreaming of the “thick woman” who was once regarded as fat by the majority. Abagond has bravely taken on the task and did a stellar job of it so I thought it a good idea to share with you all.

Note: the point of this post is to make clear the difference between thick, thin and fat women. Those who think I am standing in judgement of women are reading way too much into it… [SNIP!]

…Thick women have hourglass or pear-shaped figures. It is not their waist that is thick but their thighs and behinds.

As a rule of thumb, if a woman’s waist is two-thirds the size of her hips or less – if her waist to hip (WHR) is 0.67 or less – she is most likely thick.

In North America it seems that most white men like thin women, while most black men like thick women. When people say that black men like fat women they are mixing up fat with thick.

I like thick women the most. It just seems natural to me. I have a hard time understanding how so many men can like thin women, but clearly they do…

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  • Julia

    Actually the waist to hip ratio considered most attractive is supposed to be a 0.7

    • Julia that ratio is 100% subjective… as you know Wikipedia is a prison that is run by the inmates so nothing on there can be used as credible evidence of truth. Anyway, you know what they say – one man’s thick is another man’s fat. Every man and woman seems to have their own idea of where the cut-off is but arguably there are a number of body types that most agree on in one way or another.

      All-in-all it’s a silly debate since it boils down to personal taste. A man’s either going to love your lady bumps or move on to the next one. Either way, nobody’s going to talk us into thinking differently about a body type when we already aren’t attracted to it. It’s just good blog material for discussion.